Leo and Bard Start

Leo woke up and rolled out of bed, letting a loud yawn escapse from within him. He smacked his lips together afterwards and rolled around his bed some more. Leo was not a early morning person. He stopped rolling to look out his bedroom window at the sun high in the sky. "I have to get up. It has to be at least 10:00." He rolled over and picked up his PET with his Navi on it. Bard was sitting cross legged, playing her drums and singing light tunes. The tunes the bard was singing had no spelled behind them, at least none of damage. Bard looked at her Operator and said, "Yes?" He stared sleeply at her before saying, "What ti-time is it?" Bard shrugged and turned around, with her back facing Leo. She kept singing nad playing the drums all the while. Leo blinked, knowing this was her way of answering his question. She abruptly turned around and said, "11:34." Leo's eyes went wide. "I wnet that long without food! Gah!"

Leo jumpped from his bed and ran quickly down the steps in the house. He slid into the kitchen, holding tightly onto Bard's PET along the way. His uncle and Aunt were already up, sitting at the table watching TV. Leo greeted them and said, "I am going to get some food then get on the net, K? Thanks bye!" They barely even heard him one would think. Looking closer though you could see nodds comming from them. Leo picked out as much food as he could and ran back up the stairs, dropping some long the way. He quickly ran back for the dropped goods once he had safely placed the rest in his room. "Ok. We need to get to the internet city Netsquare right?" "Right. There is supposed to be something happening in there." Leo nodded, cramming down a donut and said, "Jacking in!" Through his mouth full of food.
"AHHHH" Leo yelled as the battle kept going. He held his PET, with the screen freezing and bluring before his eyes. "No! This can't be happening! We are right in the middle of a fight for those stolen chips!" Leo hit the side of his PET and curse under his breath as the static and bluring got worse and worse.

"What...is..hap-happening?" Bard asked, her voice disorientied.

"I don't really know!" Leo shouted while smacking the side of the PET to get it to work. The PET then shut off and forever the screen went blank. Bard was ejected and Leo quickly gathered his chips and moved about to a place to repair the PET.


A good wile Later Leo deterimend the Virual damage to Bards orginial PET was to extensive to indead save. It had crashed a few other times, only to result the same. Costing Leo time and money, only to fail at getting it fixed permentaly. Leo took Bard.exe's data and moved it to a newly bought PET. The PET worked fine, but wasn't exactly like the old one. It had new features and a more confusing interface, poor Leo was confused by it, but at the same time accpeted the challenge to learn the new ways.

Leo sat down infront of a computer Jack in point and held up his PET and said over the headset, "Well Bard. Realy to get back to the nets?" "More than ready I am sick of crashing all the time!!" She yelled raising her fists in anger at the display. Leo smiled and thought, Same old Bard at least. "Jacking in!"
Leo took his programs and installed them into his PET at the local library. Leo was installing programs and booting Bard up to talk with her over how the programs where sitting and what she would like for her process attacks. After a few discusions with what would be the best options, Leo set up the attacks based around holding the enemy away from the close combat attacks. He put in a binding spell for Bard, along with a confusion spell and an offensive attack, at bard request.

Leo send several hours setting it up, and getting the correct programing infomation behind her attacks. He wanted the attacks to be visually around what Bard is alike and similar to her fighting style as well. No Mistakes, he would tell himself. He finished the programing and booted Bard back up. Bard's image came on the screen and she looked at Leo.

"How do you feel?" Leo asked?

"Eh doing ok. You installed them right. Did you do the programming right?"

A smile crossed over Leo's face and he said, "Of course. I think you will find them useful, and also very fun to use. Well lets test them out. Jacking in"
Leo quickly gathered his PET, chips, and other objects and ran from the lirbary. He sat on the steps outside looking at the display on his PET. Bard was sitting there, tapping lightly on her Bongos. She was still hurt and will need a bit of time to recover. Leo let out a sigh of joy as he saw his Navi was going to be better. "How you doing Bard?" Leo asked. "Been better. But I am sure those jackasses are doing a lot worse than I am! She said while weakly throwing up a thumbs up sign. "Bard. You should get some rest. Go into standby. I am thinking we should take this zenny and work out some upgrades for you. You seem to be expanding in base power, which is good because we can get some more process attacks. Also-" Leo began rambling on and on to his Navi. Bard was barely listening, zoning in and out of paying attention, and not. Bard's ears did perk back up at the mention of a GMO however.

"I am getting a new look?" Bard asked happily. "Oh what is it going to be? Make it based after a music style of some kind please please? I want some new music and instruments to be able to play!" Leo laughed a bit. "Good to see I can still get your attention with the mention of a new outfit. I will see what I can do," he said while a large smile crossed his face. Same old Bard He thought. [color=orange]"I am going to go into standby," [/color=orange]Bard said, her exictement, and the burst of energy that came with it, gone. Leo smiled as the screen went black, with only Bard's Vitals still present on the screen. Leo put the PET back in his bag with the rest of Bard's things and walked back into the library to do some musical reseach before heading to the Navishop.


A few hours later Leo was already in the programming mode on the GMO that came standard with his PET. He was writing out infomation, programming the correct appearances and clothes. Being careful to make sure to only over write the info that needed to be. He didn't want to come back to this. A Jazz suit. Nice. I think Bard will love this. She might not like the fact that she has to walk now... Leo thought letting his thoughts trail off as he entered more of the coding for the GMO. Once it was finished, Leo opened a display of what the GMO would look like on Bard. A smile crossed his fac as he saw the image. "Perfect," he said as the new appearance stood in front of his eyes. "She will love it. Totally new instruments and everything." Leo exited the preview of the GMO and saved the data into the PET. The one free GMO was used up in his PET. Those things are valuable and are often handed out as rewards for doing net services. He would have to get more of those as more musical styles jumpped into his head.

Leo gathered his things and changed the PET to see Bard, instead of the programming side of the GMO. She was still in standby, but her health meters read perfect again. "She is so lazy sometimes," leo said eager to have Bard try on his new design for her. "I will have to show her later. And also tell her the other suprise I have for her later." Leo placed the PET in his pants pocket, and wrapped the headset around it. He walked off in the direction of the Navi shop, returning once again for more upgrades before heading to another place besides Sci-labs. Both him and Bard were more than done with that area for now.
Leo walked from the store and took a hard right to the side. He was walking down the street, paying far more attention to his PET than where exactly his was walking. Leo isn't exactly a small boy and nearly ran into a food number of people. "Bard?" Leo said in a calm voice. "Baaaard. Wake up!" Slowly the image of Bard came up on the screen in a very groggy looking face appeared. A large yawn crossed the face of the navi and in the process her hat slid off, revealing a messy mop of hair. "I'm up I'm up!" Bard said in a tired voice. Another yawn passed the lips of the Navi and said said, "I feel much better after that!"

"Of course you would, your vitals are back to normal and you had plently of time to rest. More than you needed really. I got a very suprises for you while you were asleep though," Leo said letting a smile cross his face. Bard's sleepy eyes immeditely opened wide as she said, "Really? What are they What are they?" Leo let out a laugh at his navi and said, "Well, I can't tell you one of them, but the rest...maybe." A sly and happy grin slid over his face. "Well tell me!" She said very eager. "Ok. The first one is a bit more of just side infomation to help lend to how we got the rest of them." "Whatever just tell me!" Bard said eagerly wanting to know all of the news.

"First I sold your Rapid Navicust program. It wasn't really needed." Bard shrugged in agreement knowing the truth. That news didn't matter at all to her, what she really wanted to know was the acutally suprises. "I used the money from the fighting and selling the Rapid to get," leo paused and let it drag out for a moment, "Your first speed upgrade!" Bard's eyes went wide. Speed upgrades were a very important part for a Navi. Moving up to a faster speed and being able to react quicker on the battlefield was a very very good thing. "No way!" Thats all Bard was able to say as the grin grew wider and wider on the face of Leo. "There is more as well. The second one you should know of is I finished the GMO while you were in standby! It is a Jazz GMO and I think you will really really enjoy it."

Bard was in total kid mode at the moment. She loved being spoiled with suprises, big and small. Even though there isn't much you can give a Navi, she loved everything she could get, and every outing for music she could find. "Oh! What does it look like? Does it make me look Jazzy? Am I smexy?!" Bard said purposely dragging it out and trying to act over cute. Leo laughed and said, "Of course of course you will like it. Promise. We will try it out on your next fight. Lets go install this speed upgrade and then Jack you into the nets with that GMO active." "Isn't there one more supirse?" Bard asked eyes wide and confused. "It wouldn't be a supirse if I told you everything!" Leo said laughing. "But, but, but...I want to know!


A while later Leo was back at his home. He began the install on Bard while he was eating dinner. He talked with his parents about his day, told of the fights, and shared general stories. Leo lost of all of his shyness when he was around his parents. After dinner her returned to the computer to see the install done. He finished the process and booted up Bard saying, "How do you feel?" Bard was sitting with her bongo in her lap, tapping out beats. She had a big smile on her face and she was happy to be back up and booted. "I am feeling fine! Now. What's my last supirse!? Whats going on? Bard asked. Leo waggled his finger at her and said, "I can't tell you. But lets get that GMO active and see how you like it."

Leo started up the GMO and Bard's screen went dim as the change in appearence happened on Bard. Once the change was done the screen lit back up and Bard checked out her new clothes. "I really really like it! She held her trumpet happily and the guitar case in her other hand. She opened it to find her summonable gutiar in side. A very happy Bard was hoping around the PET screen, checking out the way her new outfit feels and moves. "You did very very good!" She said happily. Leo smiled as he saw the new apperance of Bard. Preformance shoes, pinstripe skirt and vest. Loose white shirt. Fedora. He and her both approved. "Ok lets get on the net!" Leo said ready to test the new GMO and give Bard her last suprise. "But what about my last suprise? Bard said confused. "Just wait! Patience is a virtue," Leo said knowing it was driving her crazy she didn't know. "I don't wanna!"

"Too bad! Bard.exe Jacking in!"
Bard.exe unplugged from the net and went back to her musical room in the PET. She pulled out her guitar and began to carefully inspect and clean the instrument, making sure there was no damage to it. She began to buffer out minor scratches and scuffs with her shirt. Bard was so focused on her work she didn't notice what Leo was saying to her.

"So we need to pack up and head over to the Navi-shop for upgrades. Once we do that it is off to the airport and flying back to school. I enjoy these visits with my parents. Got any ideas for what you want for your new process upgrades? Cause I have a few." Leo looked to Bard, saw her attentiveness to her work, and simply smiled and left her be.

While Bard repaired and cleaned her instrument, Leo began packing his belongings from this trip home in a suit case. In a sloppy manner he threw all his clean and dirty clothes together, pressing them down into the suitcase. He closed the case, and then began to gather all the scattered papers from his homework of the trip. Reports, a few books, a couple of binders, all got stuffed into his red backpack. The backpack was overstuffed by the time he finished collecting his work. He then looked to his computer and carefully began to dismantle it and place the pieces in their correct box. Once the parts were in their correct boxes, he gathered them all together and gently placed them into one larger box. He double checked his room and said, "Goodnight Bard."

"Goodnight Leo. I will wake you up a few hours before your flight to give us time to do what we need to. Get some rest." Bard had finished working on her guitar, and was now strumming a few chords out. A few moments later she said, "Leo?"


"Could I get an acoustic guitar sometime?

Leo let a large smile pass over his face. He chuckled briefly before saying, "Of course. I will program one into your music room tomorrow for you."

Leo woke up to the sound of Bard loudly playing her guitar. She strumed many powerful notes and chords, blasting loud music at Leo. "I'm up, I'm up," Leo said in a groggy manner. He coughed a few times before sleeply picking his PET up to look at his Navi. "I am up see?"

"I am just making sure, you can fall back asleep in a heartbeat if given the chance." Bard let out a laugh before taking the guitar strap from her neck and placing it back into the case. "You should work on that guitar on the plane ride, give you something to do."

Leo nodded in half-hearted agreement. He hated the long plane trips, but ever so enjoyed showing off Bard, or even just talking with her. He would quickly make that instrument for her and then do his usual quest on the planes. Leo stood up and said, "I am going to get ready and smoke before we go, then lets run to the Navi-shop and come back here for the car ride to the airport."


Leo left to go into the bathroom to change and brush his teeth. He grabbed his PET and began the walk over, flicking a cigarette into his mouth and striking it. "You know you really shouldn't do that. They aren't good for you, and plus I really hate them." Leo simply rolled his eyes and said, "I don't smoke that much you will live."

Leo walked from the store and talked with Bard while on his way back to his house. "How about a healing spell, that should be easy to work with you due your musical healing nature." "That would make sence, we could do that." Bard said while relaxing and plucking on the strings on her guitar.

"You have anything you really think would be useful for you?" Leo asked Bard, enjoying her opinion on her own process attacks. "I am going to have a lot to program so lets figure it all out now and on the way to the airport."

"I have long wanted my hold spell to do some real damage. It is a great ability but it needs some bite to it. Damage or an effect would be the best. Decoys would also be nice. Oh! And knockback on the directors baton spell would be very useful."

"Seems you have a lot of ideas. Well, I think we can fit a few more upgrades in there. How about a high healing? Something to teleport? Oh! Premade dodge spells!"

"I could really use those! Make them shorter instead that would be more effective for me. Hrm."

"Ok I think I have enough now. If not I will think of something to use that would be good while on the plane."

Leo walked into his parents house and they were waitng for him. His father was a very puncuntal man who wanted to get out of here to get him to the airport in time. Leo quickly grabbed his bags and box for his computer and loaded everything into the car. He hopped in the back and said, "Bard, I am going to start writing the guitar and process upgrades. It will be easier if you are in standby, as always." Bard simply responded with a nod and smile, as she was exicted for the new instrument.

Leo began writing the infomation. While doing this he just goes through the motions of things. He gets through the airport just fine, with only a few guards yelling at him to pay attention. He hugs his parents good bye, and promises to visit agian when school lets up for a bit. He gets on the plane and finishes his programming. He starts Bard back up while in the air.

"Got them all done! You should have a new guitar in the instrument room area, and there was extra room for some more process infomation. I decided to give you something you will highly enjoy."

"Hrm? And whats that?

A smirk crosses Leo's face. "I found a slot for an illusion setup. I am sure you will be able to use that very effectivly!"

Bard nods in agreement as she grabs her new guitar and strums on it happily. "You can use that guitar as apposed to the electric any time you wish. If you grow fond enough we can go grab another GMO and make an outfit centered around it." Bard was just happy and couldn't contain herself as she played the instrument. Bard noticed instantly the difference between the electric and this one, and was happy to learn to adapt to it.

Leo leaned over to look at the boy next to him, who was playing with his PET and talking with his Navi. He smiled before looking out the window, seeing the upcoming ground. The light for seatbelts flashed red as the voice rang over the intercom. "Approaching the ground to land in Netopia, please buckle up."

"Finally almost home again."