Visit to science!

Lex was deeply regretting this plan; he didn't know the first thing about SciLabs! Aimlessly walking towards what looked like the main building from the metro line; Lex was simultaneously looking around for a Jack in point and trying to look calm in front of Phantasm, his gamble paid off as seconds later he spotted a jack in terminal.

Lex ran hurriedly towards the jack point and said to Phantasm, "Ya ready?" the navi was then jacked into the net seconds later.

(Jack into SciLab net)
Lex was filled with a sense of relief, he was almost certain that Phantasm was gonna lose, I guess I should have more faith he thought to himself. The Netop turned to the navi and said, "I'm gonna post for our reward"

The navi's reply was swift, "Our reward? My reward you mean, I almost died out there!" this was followed by a series of mumbles; Lex merely sighed and began to navigate his way towards the mission bbs.
"Invis1" Lex mumbled, he already knew what reaction he was going to get, so it didn't surprise him when it happened.

"What the hell! the navi raged, this continued for some while as Lex made his way home, "I worked so hard for just this!?" and "Next time we go there I'm gonna tear him a new hole!" were the background noise the entire journey home, the worst part was the fact that Lex couldn't even turn down the PET speaker due to Phantasm hi-jacking the system. Lex just had to grin, bare and apologise to passers by.