"This accursed place again."

Keera had let her eyes look into the building's insides. Left to right, she could see far stretches of the ceiling as if they were the skies. All around her she could hear the constant sound of machinery. Nearly everything was computers that connected to some sort of network. It was familiar to her ears, but overall in truth to the senses of Keera...it was nerve racking.

Her eyes narrowed, her teeth grit, her ears distorted the noise, and her little hands palled up into fists as she felt a chill going down her spine. This place was truly offensive to her five senses. Even if her incident was not from the direct cause of SciLab, it was people like this that made her sick: those who pushed such advancements for the sake of science until it crossed into forbidden paths. These paths sometimes built right on top of feelings, emotions, and morals as they let feet trample them as if they were no longer there.

One path had the unfortunate side of being built on top of her.

"Your orders?"

She could barely hear the sound of Majesty as the voice had only pulled her back to reality. That spotless, emotion lacking expression of Keera had stayed as her eyes shifted to move a set target until she had seen a jack-in-plug. This was not the best place, but it was a place that she felt needed to be conquered if she were to leave behind these hateful feelings. Her eyes had focused as they had a light hearted expression with a tilt and her mouth opening to let out a light mutter.

"Let's raise some hell of course..."

Her heels sounding off as she walked across the floor. Finally her right hand reached to the side of her P.E.T. She had given a snatch revealing the plug and the loose cord whipped about her gorgeously as she stood at the nearby public access computer.

"Jack in! Majesty.EXE! Power Up!"

With a press of the plug and a spark, the connection was made.