Mission in SciLabs

((Continued from Yoka))

A few hours later, the train pulls into the station in Electopia. Mazer hops off the train, PET in hand. Machman's voice chimes in from the small speaker.
[[i]It cost a bit more to go directly to Electopia, but at least we found a discount on a bus to SciLabs.[/i]]
"Yeah, thanks Mach. I'll head over to the bus station now."

Mazer passes through the terminal and waits a few minutes for the SciLab shuttle. He boards, pays, and gets back off the bus once it pulls into the station in front of the main SciLab building. Mazer knows exactly where to go, thanks to his previous adventures with Kasumi Misumaru and XIII.EXE. He passes through the glass double doors and walks up to the front desk. He puts down his large duffel bag, maybe he should have stopped back at his house first..., and talks to the person behind the counter.
"Excuse me, I'm here about a mission from one of the Global Network Admins. I was told to come here first."
"Ah yes, the satellite mission is it? Hold on for a while," the attendant greeted, taking up a phone and dialing a number. The attendant spoke a few words to the person on the other line and then hung up. The attendant gestured to the side where there were cushioned seats and said, "one of the personnel will be with you shortly, please take a seat while waiting."

-A few minutes later-

"Ah, sorry for the wait," a generic looking scientist with glasses and black hair and a lab coat said, greeting Mazer as he came out. "I'm Chris Lemrock... no wait, that's one of my higher ups. I'm Binary... no wait, that's my higher up's navi. I'm... Mark. Let's go to the machine room!" the scientist declared, obviously having identity issues.

Mazer followed the scientist into a dark room, which wasn't so dark anymore when Mark turned on the lights. In front of him, he saw a giant device that looked like a giant arcade fighting game machine.

"It's not how it looks, but rather the function," Mark said, apparently proud of this giant arcade machine. "Alright, jack your navi into the port below the control console and we'll send it into space. Godspeed."
Mazer follows the scientist to the room, and pulls the jack from the side of the PET. "Alright, you two. We are starting the mission now. Let's show them we are up to the task!" Mazer plugs the jack into the port on the bottom of the machine, and Mach & Aera are warped out of the PET and into the device.

((Logged In))
Mazer confirms Mach and Aera's return to the PET, and turns back to Mark.
"Alright, they're back. That was an interesting mission, I think that satellite should be alright now. I'm sorry about Dr. Malfunct."

He looked down at his watch and sighs at how much time had already past.
"Well, I need to head home. Thank you for your time."
Mazer gathers up his duffel bag and PET and politely excuses hismelf as he walks out. On his way out, he decides to walk past the local Navi shop and stops in.