SciLabs ~ Xander Espial's Office

Zan was alone in the office. His father has not at work today, but he had given Zan permission to use the office whenever he needed to. It contained all of the tools he would need to upgrade Runeknight, plus a massive monitor that made NetBattling quite addictive. He was sitting at the desk, his laptop hooked up to his dad's computer and his Runeknight's new upgrades already laid out next to the keyboard.

Zan knew that he could have just as easily used Miranda's office, the young woman being an old friend of his, but she was almost always busy with her new job. Besides, his dad's office held so many memories for the twenty-nine year old NetPolice detective. This was were he had first met Soryu and Persephone, where they, along with Deus and SaloonMan, had decided to head off to the grand opening at Yoka. This was, really, were all of his adventures had begun.

Zan smiled to himself as he hooked his PET into the laptop and began downloading the new upgrades. It would not take long, he would probably be finished by the time Runeknight's repairs were done, and then he would have his Navi do a quick patrol of SciLabs in order to test out the upgrades.

Zan was quite proud of his choices. The upgrades were all centered around vitality, extra health and healing abilities that would keep his Navi in top condition far longer than most. It would give them an edge in battle that few Navi possessed. He smiled once more as he waited for the upgrades to finish. Soon...


A soft ping alerted Zan to the completion of his tinkering. He removed the PET from the laptop and did a quick scan of its abilties. Everything had gone smoothly and his Navi would be a lot tougher now. Runeknight would be able to protect a lot more innocents and delete a lot more villains now. The Navi would be pleased. He hooked the PET up to the main computer directly and woke up his Navi.

"Alright Runeknight," he called. "It is time to test out your new abilities."
((After NetWar Event))

"Urg," Zan groaned as he examined the damage that Runeknight had sustained. "This is going to take a while."

"Do you think that the NetPolice will require our further assistance?" Runeknight inquired.

"No," Zan answered. "I've already been in contact with the department. After the Net fell through, things quieted down pretty quickly. There are still a few pockets of resistance, but we should have time to rest up before we're needed again."


"Tired eh?"

"As you say, Sire."

"Same here...Still, I think I'll use this time to send an email to Trenn in thanks and maybe we'll stop by the store to get some upgrades."