Back to the Futu-- er, scilab.

Kasumi left the Metro-Line running towards the building. Most of it was open to the public, and since her father was one of the researchers there, she'd have no problem accessing the network from the inside.
"Let not let anyone know whats going on right now." XIII said. "If the security is notified, then there's no need for people to get involved right now. It will also give us more freedom of movement inside the net."

"Just what I was thinking XIII." Kasumi replied as she began ascending the steps to SciLab. Despite her being only in high school (albeit studying at college level, as she rarely tells anyone she knows) she was quite tall and athletic for a girl of her age, so this was rather easy for her. Their dad always said she had inherited his brains and her mother's body, and no one could argue.

He hopped up onto the final step, waiting by the door and tapping her foot on the pavement. "Hmm, he should be here any minute."
Mazer peers out the window then back down to his PET.

"Machman, we are almost there. You ready for this?"

[[color=blue]Of course. I ran a full scan during transit. My programming has no glitches or defects.[/color]]

"Good. Here we are!"

Mazer steps off the bus and on to the sidewalk. He is wearing an olive green t-shirt with a charcoal-gray light jacket, long blue jeans and a blue baseball cap. He looks around and sees Kasumi waiting on the steps of a large building. Mazer easily jogs up, since he is only carrying his chip "mag" and his PET. He gets to Kasumi and adjusts his small rectangular glasses.

"Ms. Kasumi, its a pleasure to meet you in person. I'm guessing you know your way around this place."
"Ahh Mazer. Yes nice to meet you too. But now is not the time for formalities." Kasumi opened the door and muttered "act natural" to him. The inside of the building was busy as usual, it would appear that no one noticed anything odd with the net. On the contrary, there was more talk about containing the small virus problem that had occurred when a "glitch" had caused the containment to open.

"Now most people would log in at the cafe upstairs, or in the case of a worker, would use their personal computer stations or workplaces. We don't have the latter, and the former is too far away from the security station, or atleast the one we need to be at." Kasumi was talking while looking straight ahead, as if she wasn't even talking to Mazer at all. It seems like she's done this many times for what ever reason. "Anyway," She continued, "We need to use the back security room, it'll put us right next to the station on the next. Form there we can continue our search as the security programs keep most of the heat off of us. Its.... just after 3:00, so no one's in there right now, the systems operating on automatic until the night shift arrives."

She walked around the corner, making sure no one was watching. Luckily, the door was not out in the open, so no one would see them enter. There was a camera, but it only caught part of the hallway while rotating away, not the door itself, so if she timed it right, it would only seem like they were using the restrooms that were near by. She stepped infront of the door as the camera swung away, thought a moment, and then punched a numerical key into the lock. It clicked and the door swung open, allowing them inside just as the camera returned its view. "Heh, you'd think they'd change the password, but you really can't do much other than jack in here. And if you didn't have me, or XIII's soft key that I added on, security would be on your ass the moment you logged in from this terminal... unless you entered at the same time I did, just like our mysterious infiltrator probably did."
Mazer followed Kasumi into the building, keeping her pace but not close enough to be noticed. Mazer casually slid his PET into his jacket pocket and placed the PET on "silent." He continued to walk behind Kasumi, intently listening to her and keeping silent. He descretely looked around, getting familiar with the layout; just in case the pair needed to leave the building in a hurry.

When rounding the corner and stopping at the door, Mazer noticed the camera and stood directly underneath the camera as it panned away from his location. He was standing only a few feet away from Kasumi as she punched in the numerical code to the door lock.

Mazer looked back up at the camera, looking for any sort of mic or sound system. Luckily the camera was just a simple camera casing on a rotating cylinder.

"So we just need to log in simultaneously to remain undetected. Not too difficult. Do you have a relative who works or happened to be employed here? You know this place like you have been here many a time before."

Mazer paused for a second as he thought and returned the PET's audio output to normal levels.

"If what you say is true, there had to have been a perpetrator and an insider with the soft key to get in undetected. Or it may just be one person, an employee with a hobby of viral manipulation or a serious grudge."
"Yes, my father is one of the top researchers here. And my grandpa was one of the original scientists here when it was first built." She was already pluggin in the jack to the security computer.

"No I don't think it was an employee. This method, while very covert, seems to be rather crude at best. Its like he's not familiar with he network, hence why he was just attacking us out right, instead of trying to divert us form where we were going." She put her chip bag up onto the counter and made sure she could readily access it. "No, this guy is smart and talented at avoiding detection, but he doesn't seem like one of the regulars. XIII.exe! Jack in!"

She hit the jack-in button, sending XIII into the SciLab network.
"I see. We will get to the bottom of this; I'm sure of it."

Mazer quickly pulls out his PET and pulls the spring-loaded jack cable and holds it ready. He waits for Kasumi to start jacking in and synchronizes with her movements.

"Machman.EXE! Initiate program!"

Mazer inserts the jack into the port simultaneously with Kasumi, then watches as Machman closes his eyes and disintegrates before transferring into the net.