Sieg in Scilabs

Sieg stepped out of the store once more and walked back over to the terminal where he had been priorly jacked in. He installed his new data and looked at Gungnir,

"I can't install this new upgrade yet, but once it's coded, we'll be set! No reason you can't go in there now anyways!" he said as the new HP installed itself. He smiled broadly and jumped up from his sitting position, his chips clattering in his pockets as he pointed his PET towards the jack in point,

"Hack in, Gungnir.EXE, Transmission!"
As the rain fell around him, Sieg pulled his hood up and ran under one of the kiosks. He sat down a moment, pulling out the upgrade and getting to coding as Gungnir appeared besides him and addressed him,

'The last fight was a shame, Sieg. They we're both admirable comrades' he said, sitting and watching Sieg feverishly coding as a thundebolt struck.

"Eh, they we're allright, but you were the one who really pulled that group together, Gungnir" he said, not even casting him a glance as he worked. Gungnir accepted what he said and sat for a moment, watching him, before bringing up,

'So, what iss this thing you have signed us up for?' inquisitively, not really caring, but he felt it woulf be better to know.

"Just some special mission, there are others there, so I thought we could make ourselves known a little, get dads attention, maybe. Ah, there!" he replied, putting the final touches on the Yggdrassil and installing it into the PET.

"Allright, lets get to some more netbattling! But I think we need a change of pace, lets try for an overseas LAN!" he said loudly. Nobody else was outside to hear it, though. All the sensible people we're in a building somewhere. He turned to face the Wireless jack-in port and shouted,

"Hack-in, Gungnir.EXE, Transmission!"
Coding the new program as he ran, he looked up, realizing the rain seemed to be letting up some as he headed back towards the kiosk. He sat down under the cover, slivers of rain coming down amidst light rays as he finished up looking at Gungnir hung on his shoulder.

'What are all these?' Gungnir asked, looking over a pair of programs that Sieg had in the PET. Sieg smiled broadly, chuckling as he pulled them each up,

"To new programs for you! A new sig, the Sleipnir, which will empower you and give you some kinda great attack! And This one," he said, pulling up a screen featuring a helmet and armor, "This is A GMO, it changes your appearance, and for YOU," he said, turning to look at him, "It gives you personalities!" Gungnir blanked a little, looking back and saying,

'Wh-what? Why would I need those? I don't need to feel compassion or anything in the heat of a battle!' Gungnir said, a little taken aback by this. Why would Sieg want him to have those things? He was a tool for him, a weapon to be used to complete their objective and make his life easier...

"Because, I saw you in that last battle, you got emotional towards the end, and you performed amazingly, more skillfully than I had ever seen you do! I couldn't believe that last display, so I'm thinking there might be more to fighting than just knowledge and power. I think you need to feel in the middle of battle. It gives you something" he said, calmer than he had ever been. Gungnir was amazed at how mature he was acting, but he knew that Sieg had this kind of flipside to his behaviour. He may not know when to behave like this, but he does from time to time. He nodded and said,

'And of course, they're only temporary, right? So if they turn out not to work well, we can just remove them?' Sieg nodded and said, "Yeah, don't worry, I'm not committing you to anything! So lets Try it out! Volsung.GMO!" he said, using the pointer to activate it. Gungnir shined on his shoulder, bright silver flashing on his body. As the light died down, he stood there in a mighty looking armor, a pair of malicious blades at either side. He looked himself over, clinking as he did so and said,

'Hmm, this is very interesting, I can't say I dislike it' pulling out the swords and shifting the serrated blades in his hands.

"They'll do great in your mission! Comeon, lets get you going!"

'Wait, I want to kno-' but he was cut off as Sieg shot up and held the LED to the port,

Sieg could not believe the sight that met his eyes. Gungnir was torn to peices, lying in his tattered armaments on the ground as the rest fought valiantly against the beast. The anger melted from his large eyes as fat tears rolled down them, he quickly ran the programs to pull him back into the PET as he jacked out of it. He silently walked out of the building, the rain having long receded, and stepped through the puddles towards the bus to leave. Halfway there though, he fell to his knees, sobbing wildly and swearing,

"WHY!? WHY IS IT THAT ANY TIME IT COUNTS, I CAN'T COME THROUGH?! WHY AM I SUCH A LO-O-OSER?!" as he began hiccoughing and sputtering a little, burying his head in his sleeves and screaming into them. He went on like this for about five minutes as Gungnir was repaired inside of the PET. As his Navi regained his consciousness, he saw his master, who had relocated to a bench, still sobbing harshly and hiccoughing. He materialized on his shoulder, placing a hand on his head and said,

'Sieg, there was nothing we could do, the beast was beyond us and we fought foolishly. It was as much my fault as it was yours,' he said, almost in a comforting tone. He had no idea what he was doing, just that this seemed the best things to be said.

"But, we've fought so much, and grown so far, why can't-we-WI~IN?!" he bawled, folding over and crying more.

'Seig, we will never win so long as you let defeat grip you like this,' as he said this, Seigs head turned up to him and looked him in his small eyes, 'Defeat is not meant to be the end of the road, you must take the experience, use it, and learn from it. Benefit from defeat and it will never truly beat you,' Siegs eyes quivered at his navi's words, they were so true. He welled up again, but this time smiled and stood up defiantly.

'Yeah! You're DAMN RIGHT!' he shouted as Gungnir nodded affirmative. He walked over to the podium he had once been at and said, 'We're gonna get better from this, stronger and more powerful, and we're gonna THRASH THAT THING if we see it again! Gungnir, Hack-in, EXECUTE!"
As Gungnir rested in the PET, Sieg looked over the program he had gotten from the battle, it was quite fascinating really. The bug seemed to have formed this, and somehow, stolen data from Gungnir in the fight to allow it to be modeled like a navi!

"How weird, it's not like another Navi, but like a Shadow of Gungnir...Hmm...Maybe it can work with him? I should look into it more," The focus he was showing was a far contrast to his normal brashness and energy,

"Maybe if I can get it up and running before he wakes up, he'll forgive me for sanding his balls off" he said with a snicker. As he got to work, he found out a lot of interesting things. The thingie could apparently be modified in any way he chose, kinda like Gungnir had been when he got him. He gave it a look before he realized there was news. He looked that over, finding out some more about it at first.

"This woulda been great to see BEFORE Gungnir got wrecked in that fight," he said rolling his eyes and looking back at the navi that was slowly being peiced together in his PET. As he rewrote the little treasuretrove of data, he came to the aesthetic part of it. And he knew exactly what he was gonna do...

<----An hour later---->

Gungnir shook his head as he woke up, rubbing his forehead and about to lean up, before he realized he had a cute pair of eyes staring him in the face. He had a confused expression on his face while the girl smiled and raised a hand,

'Hiya! I'm Freija! Nice to see that you're awake' she said through her winning smile. He looked even more confused as he sat up. She moved back and let him sit up, but then flopped down in his lap and hugged his neck, making Gungnir blush a VERY deep red.

'Uuh, can I help you with something miss?' he asked, sweating buckets as he tried to loosen the vicegrip she had on his neck. She just hugged tighter, smooshing her bust up against his chest and almost making him pass out again. Sieg was laughing loudly as he looked down at the two, and said,

"Meet Freija! She's you're new Support program! She's kinda a newborn, so she's sure to be a little childish," Gungnir was still a dazed by the whole thing, and said,

'Suh-support Program?' in a confused tone. He looked down at her and she just smiled up at him with a beaming grin. He gave a weak smile and said to her,

'A-are you sure you can handle yourself in, um, battle, Freija?' her smile turned a little softer and she let him go, standing up as a pair of long scimitars appeared in her hands. She turned around, her hais swaying as she pointed one at Gungnir.

'I'm nowhere near as Strong as you Gun, but I can help you out and hold my own if I need to! Plus, I'm mostly viral data, I just get stronger by being on the battlefield!' Gungnir stood up and nodded, she was a bit strange, but she did seem as though she could fight, and she certainly wasn't anything hard on the eyes.

'Well, Thank you Sieg, she is a very interesting partner, and a fine surprise!' he said as she glomped him again, holding on from his back, 'If not a little bit grabby' he said with a sweatdrop. Sieg chuckled and smiled, thinking to himself,

<Looks like it worked!>
Looking around the outside of the store (And promtply being Suitachi'd yet again), Polonius runs around, irked by his navi. "Come on! Come on! We gotta go! Gotta go!" Running as fast as he can, he looks down at the PET and questions his navi's motion "Gotta go? Gotta go where?" he said, his lab/hospital coat wafting in the wind like a hero's cape. His eyepatch still on, he could still see many things. "Well..... no where in particular, hehe, just love the wind in my hair~" DNR replied with his grin. "The wind in your hair? You can't feel the ai--Whoah ah!" The eye patch still on his eye could have helped him see many things, but what he couldn't see was a bench on a public-access kiosk. Like Suitachi's before, he trips, his face hitting the bench's seat. Luckily for him, it wasn't so forceful, so no grave injuries were registered.
Sieg, still laughing at the antics of Gungnir anf Freija, was not paying much attention as the hurried student walked out of the store. Gungnir had now taken to running from Freija to try and get a moment's peace.

'Did you have to make her so...touchy?' he asked as he was hiding from her in a folder. Sieg was still laughing loudly as he said,

"Hey, I don't know everything about this program! She just is that way, I didn't make her like that!" he said through a wall of laughter.

'Well, even so, could you look into sedating her just a little-'

"Woah watch it!" Sieg interrupted, sliding to the side of the bench just as a tall med student came crashing down on what used to be his seat. His slide was a little bit too far, and he fell off the side of the bench too, dropping his PET and sending Gungnir popping out of the Folder and onto Freija. They both looked out at Sieg as he rubbed his ass, standing up.

"Oowww..." he said, picking up the PET and then turning to the guy who had just fallen,

"Whats the big idea!? Watch where you're going dood!" he shouted, shaking his fist angrily. Both navi and support unit donned sweatdrops as Sieg blew up over the slight mishap.
Rubbing his face, including his black eyepatch, on the floor, he stands up and looks onto the hurt student. "Oh my ventricles! A-a-a-a-aa-a-are y-y-y-y-y-you a-a-a-a-alright s-s-sir?" He rushes towards the man, making sure there aren't any cuts on him. Seeing that the man looks alright, he goes and take out an ice bag from his PET. Handing it over towards the man, he spoke in a timid voice "I-I'm s-sooo sorry! t-the name's Polonius Carbonium. H-here's an ice bag" he dons a sweatdrop, closing his eyes in anticipation of that man. His mentor, watching attentively, said in a loud an annoying tone of voice "Why do you have to say "Sooooooooooowwwwy"!? It's HIS fault for being there! Hurmph!"
Sieg flared, realizing that it was the guys PET calling him out,

"MY FAULT?! I was just sitting here, minding my own buisiness when your Cyclops decided to try and crush me!" He was fuming, but Gungnir and Freija were trying to avoid a conflict,

'Sieg, the guy apologized. Why not let him have the pack, and we'll just get on out of here?' he said with a comforting look on his face,

'Yeah, do you really need to start a fight sir? I mean, it's not like you were paying attention either,' Gungnir slapped his forehead in disbelief as Sieg shouted,

"I was out of the way, I wasn't blocking anybody, I wasn't in anybodies way! It's patchy here's fault that I almost got squashed!" Gungnir looked disapprovingly at Freija, and said,

'You have a lot to learn about talking to Sieg'
"Cyclops? ...... CYCLOPS!? Can't you see he's been wounded by an accident!!! How terribly naivete you are! Cumquat!" the navi fumes up as high as possible, smirking just for a second at Polonius as he went back to his screaming tirade.

"D-DNR... this isn't the way to resolve c-c-c-conflicts!" The med student whimpers out to help the situation.

"This isn't your situation mister, this is me and that man's fight!" the navi gloats, pointing at that man's expression.

"B-but can't we just get along?" the student whimpers out.
"Ooh, so it's a fight that yeh'll be wantin is it?! Well My Gun could knowck you up and down the block with one arm tied behind his back!" he said, now getting face to PET with the navi. Gungir and Freija appeared on his shoulder and tried to calm him/talk to Polonius.

'Uuuh, you'll have to forgive him, he's just had a lot go on today, and well, he's not normally so quick to fight and-'

'Caman, are these guys really worth it? This is just a big misunderstanding, so try and cool off, and learn to watch yourse-' Gungnir whipped around and pointed at her,

'Don't say it, so help me god don't say it,' before he whipped back and tried to appeal to the angry navi,

'Can't we just agree to disagree here? He's sorry for the accident, we're sorry for the fight-'

"WE'RE NOT SORRY FOR ANYTHING!" Sieg screamed, red in the face. he threw his hands down and said loudly,

"Thats it! We're gonna go online and MAKE these guys apologize for almost killing me!" He turned to the podium and pulled Freija and Gungnir back intot he PET, turning to say,

"We're gonna go to a real battleground, and we're gonna take you DOWN" Gungnir, Hack-in, EXECUTE!" he shouted, sending Gungnir and Freija into the net. Both of them wore exasperated looks, and Gungnir hoped that he could talk a little better about it without Siegs constant explosions.
"C'mon boy! Let's go teach that man some manners!" The navi screams out in bloodlust, smiling quite evilishly. The med student just looks down, donning more sweatdrops as he logs him in. "DNR, execute! Vaccinate!" he shouted.
"Welp, that last battle was a crapload of nothing as a reward for how much it chewed us up! I'll see ya though, I guess theres no reason to fume for long!" sieg said as he slapped polos back and turned to leave, "Keep in touch!"
Smiling with a quick "thanks" Polonius runs as fast as he can towards the Shop, clasping his PET in his left hand.
"Alright I'm back Sieg sir" The brown med student nods politely as he sits on his side of the bench and jacks DNR in. Flashed in a column of light, the doctor frantically runs into the portals towards Electown