Looking for friend

Nolan sat in a bench in the scilab main lobby, hoping that someone would help Nolan bust some viruses. He only needed one friend to bust viruses with in the scilab area. Nolan really wanted to get enough zenny to buy some chips. Nolan was shooting for something that was, cheap, easy to get, but still did 50-70 damage.

"I know," Nolan Said "I'll buy a Widesword chip!"
"Good idea, but you need money," Whipman Said

And so Nolan waited until somebody came over...
Nolan Sighed "I guess nobody is coming"
"Yeah," Whipman said, "Jack me in"
"Alright. Whipman, jack in!
Nolan jacked whipman into the port in the scilab computer room.
"Alright, Let's bust some!"
((I'm Still waiting for a friend even though i jacked in))