-You had a healthy meal of a sandwich, you had a refreshing bath at a public bath, now its time to take care of your tasks, namely, jacking me in so I can fight some viruses!

Sieg looked around, searching for a place he can jack Valkyrie in. There were some terminals near the Scilabs , so he plugged his PET into one of them, and sat down onto a nearby bench. He dug up a sandwich from the depths of his backpack, and started to eat.

-Valkyrie *munch* execute!

-Just about friggin time!
Sieg stretched his arms, and started to get ready to leave the bench he was sitting on. The sun was shining brightly; it was past noon, but he still had some time before the afternoon shift starts. He finished the last sandwich he had, then stood up, and started walking in the way of the metro station.
Sieg left the shop and quickly searched for a place to jack in. Finding the same bench he was sitting on a few hours ago, he took seat and jacked in to the nearby port. Knowing Valkyrie she is probably in a fight...
-Well what do you know? Its the bench! And its still empty.

And it was. More or less. The bread crumbs from his sandwich were still present. And the candy papers. Sieg swept the rubbish of the surface and settled down in the most leisure manner.

- I think you have been here so long that it took your radiation of human failure and thus, repels everyone else.

The operator opened up a soda and started drinking.

- Entirely possible. Now... ah yes. Valkyrie! Jack in, execute!
- Such enthusiasm!
- Gee thanks I was taking notes from the other operators...
Such a great afternoon. Valkyrie is relatively silent, the bench is still warm from the rays of the setting sun... but then a gust of wind had to throw the flier in his face.

- People not caring about the environment these days...

He had nothing to do, and out of sheer boredom, read the piece of paper. Then threw it away and started calculation while slipping the battlechip into the PET.


After plugging out the device, he grabbed his belongings and set out for the shop once again.

- I swear, I should just sleep behind that damn thing...