"And here's your drink, Mr. Weatherbey." The pleasant looking stewardess handed him a sparkling orange drink in a clear glass.

He beamed an award winning smile back at her. "Thank you," he said, bending his head ever so slightly as positioned himself in the luxurious chair in a manner that was both charming and elegant. She tittered lightly before slowly walking away, sparing a quick glance back at the appealing young man. But Charles was much too occupied to notice. This manner with Yoka and the Charl/Bjorn business was troubling him. He tried to simply amount it to him being paranoid, yet couldn't help feeling a bit of dread about the whole thing. New, unaccounted for possibilities jumped into his head. What if Bjorn and Charl had set up an ambush as revenge for their earlier defeat? Not that the two of them were any real threat, especially now that Crush had grown so very much stronger, but the fact remained that they were two troubling foes with an unknown background and resources. While weak on their own, their weapons had certainly been interesting, enough to at least delay their inevitable defeat.

Charles leaned back slightly as the pleasant sounds of classical music filtered through his ears. He smiled. It had been too long since he'd flown. It'd been at least two weeks, such an awfully long time. He'd been dressed in a business suit that seemed to be little more than the young son of his father's outfit. How fitting, he thought. His father joined his business companions in a shared laugh as they shared some unknown tale and Charles rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Yes, you go right ahead father." He turned his eyes back to his PET as he plugged a pair of earphones in to the device and then set them about his head. And meanwhile, your son will go and commit some criminal deed, all in your presence. Such a dreadful father. Ah, but what a time it is anyway when a law-abiding young man like myself must be forced into such endeavors.

He listened intently as a figure approached his beloved tool, as the sounds of cheerful classical music and his father's grating laughter filtered in past his headset.