The night sky was hanging over the works of the Science Labs as the many lights around the facility made it look like a mini town filled with assortment of sights, but there was nothing really exciting there really during the night shift. It would often fill others with excitement as workers would be alert and patrol the area with their blue uniforms and yellow hats. They were more like electricians than the night shift workers one would have to admit, but who would really stop and even think about such a thing.

"They look like mettaur from where I'm sitting..." an electronic cyber voice had spoken, breaking the silence of the night and the humming of the power boxes and sources. It was most likely form the back up energy that was being used to keep the lab running, and one would use a large amount of energy to keep such a place up to it's needs. However, the voice was on the top of one of these generators that stacked to a high altitude like a rooftop of a small house.

The figure's eyes had a malevolent purple glow as she had smiled staring down at the yellow dots, that looked like from where she was standing. She had looked towards her PET as she gave the image a glimpse and then gave her usual sour and unread expression. "You've just been doing too much virus busting..." the girl replied as she had glance down seeing the security guard leave behind the corner and then she sighed.

"Not one either...." she had said in a disappointed voice although she was a patient girl, but being that as it may, just as everyone else, she had her limits. She girl pounded her fist against the generator's top making a large dent and an electrical surge go through it as it made a crackle...loud hum...and then it shut down all together as it went silent under the other hum of the second back up generator. She had looked at the control box down under as she could see a security guard run toward it. She smiled as she had got a glimpse of his back pocket as her eyes had strange symbols and numerical values screening across as she peered below her. "This one is it...we will make a move when he's done..." the girl had noted as she sat on her perch with one of her white boots on the generator top and the other one dangling off the side still.

"That's dangerous...taking advantage of your disability like that..." The electronic voice sounded off again coming from her hip. "What do you mean? Am I bleeding?" the girl asked looking at the pelted skin on her wrist as she had saw the small cut, but no red liquid to run ramped. "Ms. Keera, this is serious. You should've considered the electrical charge interfacing with your circuits along that arm of yours." the voice of her navi sounded again as the girl had reached her hand unto the small cut of the flesh wound and dug her nails in until she could make the blood...or the imitation of it at least stick to her fingers as it dripped form off the inside of her wrist and she pulled away enough of the very imitation flesh to reveal a vein, or at least that what it looked like. It was thin silverfish like a small tube pipe as it ran along her wrist in a pumping motion sliding along another one that was a bit larger. It was pretty obvious, this girl's body wasn't completely her own rightful organs.

"I'm the last person you should worry for Empress. You of course know that..." Keera stated as she had reached into a small Baggett that was like a mini purse. She had unsnapped the little black heart shaped locket on the white bag and then took out a small roll of bandage that was present. She took her lips puckering and then folding them as she held the bandage end with it to tighten and carefully wrap it on and then pin it back onto her arm. The needle could catch her flesh, but she didn't care. It wasn't like she could feel this imitation flesh so that it would cause pain.

"All systems are still go, power cells and neuron memory program Battlechip Memory is still in progress. No need to worry." She had assured of her partner. She could picture Empress nodded and bowing almost as if she was a maid catering to her needs and worrying as she responded saying, "Yes, Ms Keera." The shaking and loud pitch that came with the generator had started back up. The sound covered that of the security guard that was getting on his walkie-talkie to communicate with another unit to report that he resolved the issue. That's what Keera liked about rental cops. They're only armed with flashlights and the simplest of communication.

The man put away his walkie-talkie and the sound of the generator was roaring as it was having some difficulties returning to it's low hum. She had leaped form her high position and with the weight of her arm and her legs giving out in her boots as she took a tumble and rolled behind the security guard before she slowly stood up. The guard was stunned as he jogged over to Keera seeing her bandage thinking she was some innocent girl that was probably around after the night and got lost, and most likely was hiding somewhere. "Are you alright little girl?" the man asked as he went over to the short body of the fourteen year old, but he found himself short of breath as he felt the girl's grip around his neck. It amazed him being it was stronger than he could imagine for a little body like hers.

"Don't call me little girl..." she had said as she swung his body to the generator giving it a dent and perhaps a hard knock as it went to it's low hum finally and then man's head was bruised as he was silent and faint while blood had came from the back of his noggin. "Was that really necessary? SciLab is still after you, so that was a bit unwise?" Empress's voice had reported in opinion as Keera had looked towards him with her eyes scanning as they glowed purple once again.

"He's not dead...he's simply unconscious. He'll probably think this was some kind of accident seeing no one would believe him. No one will believe what they do in this dreaded lab under the scenes." Keera said turning her attention to SciLab as she had narrowed her eyes coldly and bleakly. Empress nodded on the screen of her PET as she had caught onto what her NetOp was referring to. "Yes, now then, shall we take care of this mission and return to home base?" Empress asked as she folded her arms patiently.

"Let's!" Keera responded as she had padded her way slowly off the walkway with her white boots as she had approached the security guard and snatched his I.D. from around his neck. She had took her palm and ran it across the barcode label as her eyes had streamed with the strange purple glow and digits of 0's and 1's going across as she had walked back towards her path and threw the I.D. back to the guard as she had approached the Science Lab entrance like she wasn't in a rush. Her operation was underway...