Ross entered the Labs, looking around at the rather large place that His parents had been transferred to. Smaller than Sharos, but still large enough to allow gasps of amazement. "This is where we ask for Jobs?" He asked Rapidman, who was in his PET looking at the Electopian manual that was downloaded when he arrived from Sharo.

"It says here to go over to that big Console over there and jack in, then go to the NetPolice BBS. Simple enough." He responded, signaling to a nearby console for Jacking in. Several people had already gathered around the area. It must have seen a lot of use.

Ross looked around for an empty Jack slot, but almost all were taken. It wasnt too long before he found one. Hesitantly, he squeezed inbetween two rather large, and menacing looking men, and Plugged into the net. "Maybe afterwards we can see how my Parents are doing." Ross added, trying to take his mind of the musclebound operators.