Customer Service...

"Listen, lady," Nik said, his temper rising with each passing second, "I don't want to sign up for your freaking 'Premium Package'! All I want is you to fix the link to my homepage which, need I remind you,your company is responsible for screwing up in the first place and reconnect my e-mail."

"Yes sir, I understand that," the rather bland looking woman behind the counter said, adjusting her glasses, "but if you sign up for our Premium Internet Package now, you'll not only get a new, larger homepage, but a low starting rate of only 9,500 zenny per month for the first six months." Nik ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. He'd been having this exact same argument with every customer service representative he had been deferred to for the greater par of the last hour.

"Look, all I want is for you to fix what I've already paid for. I don't want to pay more each month for something that I don't need." Each word Nik spoke had a pronounced air of coming from one who was about to explode. "I'm not interested in signing up for a new plan, and I don't see myself ever wanting a new one for a long time. Now, please, do what I've asked, or I'm taking my business elsewhere." The woman stared at him blankly for a few seconds.

"We'll get right on it," she said, sounding as if this were her intention from the start. "If you could please have a seat in the waiting room, we'll call you once we're done processing your request."

With an exasperated sigh Nik made his way over to the waiting area. He hated this company's customer service, but money was tight with fewer people turning to his business to find people, and these guys had the fastest internet he could afford with his meager wages. Now he was stuck in a waiting room, by himself, until they were done. He noticed a small pile of magazines and decided to look through them to see if there were anything decent buried amongst them. After the seeing the first couple, all of which were on home decoration and were horribly out of date, he determined that reading was out of the question. "Well, that leaves just one thing left to pass the time. You up for a little virus busting, Ergo?" he asked.

"Sure thing," his Navi replied. "I've located a jack in port. Ready to go when you are." Ergo blinked patiently out of the PET's screen. A moment later, he was jerked out of the safety of the personal terminal and into the Sci Lab net.
Nik pocketed all of his belongings that he had taken out during Ergo's excursion into the 'Net and exited the waiting room. He approached the front counter and, with minimal fighting this time around, found out that they had fixed his Homepage and E-mail. Upon stepping out of that accursed building, he located the nearest metro station and caught a train home.

((Time passes, thanks to the mystical Time-Pass-o-tron...))

Present day... (Because that last post was waaay to long ago...)

"So, what are we doing here again?" Ergo asked, looking up at his Net Op out of the PET screen. "Well, we got a letter saying something about being 'randomly selected to test a new PET upgrade'. I figured we might as well look into it."

"Right..." Ergo muttered as the pair walked through a rotating door into the lobby of a drab looking office building. "I just hope this thing doesn't have any strange side effects I need to worry about or anything..."

((More time passes until I can get stuff approved.))
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