Nulls hunting

Rumisiel arrived at Scilab around sunset and walked into a local bar. Sitting down at the bar, Null appeared beside his drink and crosse his legs as he sat down.

"Soooo......any plans?"

"*sigh*Nope, now I'm just winging it. My brother's good. He's left no clues at all behind. The only thing I've ever found of him was when he dealt with that net disturbance down in Netfrica. And when I went there nobody knew him. Of course seven years can do that. I'm afraid that we'll have to try the Undernet if we're to get anywhere in finding him. But that's a long way from now at our current level."

Null and Rumisiel sat in silence and listened to the music playing over the speakers. Taking a swig at his drink, Rumisiel finally said. "Well you're all healed up now so I guess you can take a break and hunt Null. I'll be here for a while I think."

Null nodded and looked around for a port. Finally locating one on the flat screen, he negated the barriers and logged in himself.

[Null.EXE, logging in]
"$!%@" yelled Null as he shot out from his PET screen in a flurry of data particles and body parts. He lay there as a hologram for a time as his power went into overdrive to pull himself together and restore his shell image. Meanwhile Rumisiel was resting his head on the bar with an empty glass next to him. He was pretty close to pushing it too far with the drinks before Null exploded out. Turning his head to face Null, or what was there of him, and said, "So I see you got beaten pretty bad. What happened?"

Nulls body frame had been restored to a stick figure and his face was partially restored as well, but his mouth slumped to one side, making his words thick.
"A big group of virii came out of nowhere and although I got most of them, the last one, a Markcannon, blasted me and that was that. Good thing I didn't feel any of this or else I'd be really sore."

"HAHAHA! You got kicked by one virii!? After taking out a whole group!? Well that sure is your luck isn't it? Hahahaha...."

"Just shut up and lets head to a hotel or something. I could use a rest now to heal up." said Null as his face restored itself.

Rumsiel stood up and paid his bill before grabbing the PET and heading out the door. He grabbed a room at a local hotel and laid down on the bed to sleep.
When Rumisiel awoke he had a killer headache, but Null was the only one looking bad. His wireframe body sat in a meditative position as pieces of his bodies shell floated around him in a swirl of data that anchored them to Null.

"Morning buddy, care to explain why you haven't returned to normal?"

"I'm looking for a new technique. Or maybe just a interesting GMO for later. Heheheh."

"Well that's nice and all but I half expected you to be gone and fighting again. Why the wait?"

"I was sloppy, so I've been thinking it over."

"That seems to be your excuse for everything recently."

As Rumisiel laughed, Null let out a growl and pulled his shell back together. Stretching out his legs, he made the sink in the nearby bathroom move and shoot out a blast of water that nailed Rumisiel straight in his face, changing his laughter into choking and gurgling. He then let out a cackle and dived right at the nearby port.

NULL.EXE Logging In
Null appeared out of PET as a hologram, but this time without looking like a navi jigsaw puzzle. Rumisiel was sitting on the chair nearby and watching the TV with a towel on his head. "So you're back Null? Good, it's time we got out of here. I found a small hint of my brother being somewhere back in ACDC. Care to come?"

"You know the answer already you idiot. Lets go."

With that Rumisiel took off the head towel and grabbed Null as he walked out the door, heading to the metro for ACDC once again.

[Close please]