When he arrived ad the computer lab, he jacked ScytheMan into one of the computers. "I am sending you data," Ray said. "Can you assemble it and test it for me?"
"Not a problem, master" ScytheMan replied. He put together the data - which, when activated, formed a strange, "flying saucer"-shaped object.
"This is a NetShip," Ray told Scytheman, "the next form of transportation in the Cyber World, and my latest invention. Ready to drive it?"
"Of course."
Entering the ship, ScytheMan noticed that something was wrong. His hunch was confirmed when it crashed into the wall by itself.
"Data must have been missing," Ray exclaimed. "We can probably find it on the net."
Ray jacked ScytheMan out, and into a computer to the net.
Jack in to SciLab Net

(note: This is not a sub-plot. It is just giving a reason why he wants to fight viruses. The NetShip will only be used again if somebody likes the idea and takes it for themselves.)
"I can't believe I failed," Ray said. "I'll leave the NetShip data in that computer. Whoever can fix it can have it."
"Master?" ScytheMan said.
"Please don't call me that, but yes?"
"I would like to battle more."
"Okay. Let's go batle in ACDC Town."

Leaving for ACDC Town!