Is this it?

"Wake up." Joseph urged his Navi, as he settled down at a small coffee shop, directly overlooking the Navi Shop. He could see the wares--he would get one soon.

"Huh?" Frag grumbled, sounding half asleep.

"We're here, and you're fully healed." Joseph slowly linked up the PET to the port on the coffee machine, bringing his Navi back to speed. "We need a bit more zenny, so we're taking a look at what SciLabs has to offer."

"Alri--" Before Frag could finish replying, he had already been transmitted.
"All in all, not a bad haul..." Joseph chuckled, as he twirled a stylus in his hands. "Not bad, not bad at all..."

Slipping his PET into his pocket, he sauntered into the nearby Navi shop--
As he watched the progress bar slowly climb, Joseph was left to the silence of his own thoughts, memories of seven years ago...

"Weaklings! Let's see what you can do without the help of your chips!" BoxNix snarls, as he waves his left arm at the crowd, yelling out--"SURGE!"




With each recollection, Joseph trembled uncontrollably, his hand around the PET in a vicegrip. It had been so long--he had been so naive...

But they... He wasn't sure where those Navis, a good dozen of them, were today. Part of him wanted to thank them--they had revealed that it was simply not feasible for a single Navi core to be fragmented that many times.

He had begun the reconstruction 3 years ago, after spending the years before escaping whatever authorities NanoPengi had sent after him. It had taken several identity changes, but he was... for once, secure. Those years... it had been hard to secure places to hide as an adolescent, but he had always felt older than he looked. He had survived. And now...

"You might not remember me..." Joseph promised to the fading twilight, his eyes reflecting the blood-red hue back to the uncompromising world. "But you will soon know and fear my wrath!" Lost in the moment, he released a booming cackle before recollecting his senses and rushing onto the Metro.

He would need a new location. Too many people would be wondering about his mental condition here.

Yoka. He needed to relax, anyhow. And perhaps there, he would find some remnants of that battle--and clues to where his adversaries lurked today...