Cram Time

Wes stepped off the Metro and looked around the place. The last time he had just rushed into the shop witout paying much attention to his surroundings. He then found a bench and sent his navi into the network. Now to see if his ally would show up....
Shin arrived at SciLabs, sat down next to Majin, and wordlessly jacked his navi in. Seemed like he was in an anti-social mood right now.
Wes stood up, "Well, I have a bit of business to take care of, as do you, I bet. Anyway, after I head to the shop, I'm going back to the old hideout, if you need me." A bit of a confused look passed accross his face before he moved on, "Still, I'm surprised that nothing... happened between our two navis yet. From what I've been told, after working together, they normally obtain something called a 'Cross'." He then shrugged and walked off.
You'll have to wait. Shin thought as he watched Wes walk off. He got up and walked towards the metro to ACDC.