Bo's discovery.

Bo stood infront of a empty jack in port. He had already programmed the programs into American. And he was ready to bust some higher leveled virus'. Bo hadn't thought about how powerful American was going to have to become, for him to win against his brotheren. But he wasn't going to worry, American was going to get a large boost soon enough.

"Ready brother, we have some unfinished busting to complete."

American looked up from the PET screen, and began to rub his face. His gloved hand stroked the fuzz on his face. Even though he couldn't shave, he had something growing there.

"Ready as I'll ever be now."

Bo then spun his PET on his finger, and then let the beam jack American in. Bo then jammed his hand into his pocket, and pulled the chips from it. He was ready to bust here, and nothing could stop him.
Bo twisted his neck, and then cracked it while he was in that position. He had a large sum of money on his hands, so he had to spend it. It was the Pasimontito way of life, 'spend your money quick, or lose it quicker'. So Bo ran towards the door, and then burst out of it. His feet hit the pavement, making a patting sound. The usual sound of shoes hitting pavement.