Scilas in SciLabs

Stepping off the Metro, Silas groaned "Those dang teenagers with their slang talk make my head spin."

"I hear you, but remember, you were once a teenager," Phoenix said. "Anyways, what did you want to get again?"

"Something to power you up a bit. However, we might not be able to get much with our current zenny balance, so I'm gonna send you into the Network here to do some virus busting. That alright?"

Nodding, Phoenix disappeared from the PET as Silas sent him into the Net via infrared ray.
Phoenix appeared in the PET, to Silas' relief. After being deposited in the PET, he dropped to the floor, still smoking.

"WELL, GET TO WORK!!" Silas shouted at the PET.

"YES, MASTER SILAS!" the Progs said, in fear of being deleted by Silas. First, the HealProgs got to work, replacing all lost data, replenishing his HP, and reviving him. Then, the groggy Phoenix was immediately gotten to work on by the CleanProgs, unique only to Silas' PET. They dusted Phoenix off, sharpened his talons, polished every individual feather, and made him look like new. Then, one Prog zapped him with a harmless Program jolt, and he was back.

"Woooaah, the PET's spinning. Or is that my head?" he asked, a bit disoriented. "Argh, now I remember. Those stupid Ogres got me down hard. First time that's ever happened."

"You did well, but we gotta go. This Net's still a bit too hard for you. Plus, the virii stole a bit of our money!" We have to go somewhere where we will gain maney and not lose it," Silas said. With a nod of finality, he slid the PET back in his belt holster, activated the hologram of Phoenix, paid for a ticket, and boarded the Metro for ACDC.