The SciLabs were swarming with it's usual crowd. The labcoat wearing scientists working on humanity's latest miracle. Parents purching PET's to give to their young children as gifts. And the Netbattling clique that talks about every single thing about the sport. But one man in this complex wasn't like the others. And he had a appearence that was very unique as well.

Cecil Roud stepped out of the eletronic shop, sighing at the empty hole left in his wallet. After securing it back into his pants pocket, Cecil reached for the PET hooked onto his belt loop. The screen read; "Combat Subroutines Installation: 79%". He smiled. Cecil found an empty bench and sat down. As he watched the installations finish up, he sat and thought about the complaints he wouldn't have to hear anymore.

"I'm a warrior, not a messager!"

"I could have beaten them if we had some battle chips!"

"I just want to fight again..."

The last thought echoed in Cecil's mind as the installation finished. He punched in a few more commands and deactivated sleep mode. The screen cleared to show Myrmidionman, now decked out in the cerimonial battle armor that he wore in his heyday, complete with new ehancments in the form of Navi customization. Myr slowly opened his eyes and yawned, follow by a head scratch. "Hey, Cec. What are we planning to do today? Mail delivery? Running for my life? Chatting with--" He stopped mid sentance as his jaw hung open, now noticing the armor added to his frame. Both Human and Avatar were silent for several minutes.

"So... Busting?" "Yep." Cecil assured him. "Battle routines?" Uh-huh. "Customization?" "Oh yea." "Special attack?" "Yes." Myr at this point, wanted to burst into tears in greatfulness. But he bit his tounge and just asked. "Can we jack in now?!" He nodded, spying a jack in port at a nearby cyber cafe. After getting rested, Cecil noted the other people around and tried to hide his eyepatch underneath his bangs.

"Jack-in! Myrmidionman, Execute!"