A new beginning

Shigeru arrived in scilabs, and started looking around.
So... what's this "training" about?
Well, I could have sworn that we had more chips than this... more zenny than this... and more upgrades than this.
Well, what DO we have?
No upgrades, no zenny, and three chips.
Voltman dropped to the ground, clutching his chest as if he had just been stabbed through the heart.
'Fraid so.
Well, we'll just have to earn everything back, right?
Right. That's why we're here.
Why not ACDC?
You WILL be going to ACDC. I'm just staying here so I can buy upgrades and still operate you.
Fair enough.
Jack in, Voltman.exe, execute!
Shigeru checked his zenny amount, before talking to Voltman.
Volt, I'm heading to ACDC. I'll reconnect as soon as possible.
Shigeru, what am I supposed to do until you get back, huh?
Guide your allies. Attack with the rageclaw. Stun the bastards with Electric Blaze. Cause general havoc... shall I continue?
No, that's good enough.
Okay then.
Shigeru started walking towards the metroline. Inserting his metroline card into the slot, he walked through the turnstile, metal detector, and security gates before grabbing his card on the other side.
Man, security sure has gotten tight...
He got on, and grabbed onto a nearby pole as the 'line got moving. He reflected on Voltman's recent battles, ad recent changes...
Voltman has been acting really strange lately... ever since I gave him that new GMO, he's spent more and more time in it... I'm starting to get worried. Yeah, I backed up his data just in case anything happened, but... I don't know. I'm worried. He's been acting strangely, too. This child act he's been putting on has been seeming like less and less of an "act" lately... But no. GMO's only change personal appearance. He wouldn't have a child's mind unless it was in HIS programming. Heh. And here I am, worrying about him...
An electronic voice shook him from his thoughts.
"Now approaching: ACDC Town"
He stepped out, and was almost out of the station when something else occured to him.
What if it IS in his programming?

(Headed to ACDC. Using one unopped turn in battle to reconnect)