Temporary Reside.

Moa stepped into the small studio which was serving as his temporary residence as he worked on a small reconstruction job in one of the wings of Scilab. The studio was small but comfortable, furnished with a few chairs, a bed and a desk with a light blue screen that belonged to his personal laptop. He yawned as he walked in.

"Is this what you would call a hard day's work?" A light inquisitive voice rang from a long black and red object on the desk. Moa made a strained smile. "I guess so ol buddy." He sat in a cheap computer chair which creaked as he did. "I guess you'll be wanting to go on the net.. It's been a while since I last had the time to jack you in."
"That would be a nice change of pace."

Moa picked up the familiar PET, pointing a small round bulb implanted in the device at a light on his computer. A tiny red laser and the letters spelling "OK" signified that the transfer had been successful.

It was the markings of the return of EAV.
The return...

Or so he thought.

A new light flashed red, as the screen displayed "ERROR" Moa frowned, that was unexpected. The red soon disapeared to reveal a calmn blue.

"Moa, I can't get into internet city... There's some kind of disturbance..."

Moa sighed. "Maybe it'll work if we're closer to the actual server..." Hauling himself off the chair, he headed for the door, a red and black device on his arm.