Jamie shoved the PET back at Erin. "You know, the only thing I could think of for putting up with this thing is earning major cash. Don't know what you see in him." She opened the blinds on the windows, causing Erin to wince slightly as she shied away from the light a bit.

"Not turning vampire on us, I hope?" The nurse said dryly as she picked up the half-eaten dish of food. "You should eat the meat on the plate, you know. It's all part of the nutrition plan."

"First of all, Seraphim does earn me money, and second of all, I hate the meat. get them to give me almonds or some cashews or something. That'll make up for the protein. The meat here is horrible." Erin stated antagonistically as she pulled the covers up to her chin as she moved into a somewhat sitting position.

"You know I can't do anything about that." Jamie said as she strongly resisted the urge to call Erin and her navi 'nuts' enough. "What do you mean, your navi can earn you cash? You keep upgrading him but all that is just for netbattles, right? Those kiddie things."

"It is not a kiddie thing. If you delete viruses, you get cash. And I've got it set up so that it plays like a video game." The small girl contested the point as she pouted.

"...You mean that you get paid for playing a video game? Bull. I'll bet the overtime pay I got for doing your little errand that's not true. Something like that would ruin the world's economy, wouldn't it?" Jamie asked as she made some marks on the clipboard and then put it back on the end of the bed.

"Then watch. But don't say anything." Erin thrust her chin out, logging Seraphim in and sending him straight into Netvegas net through the rerouting link at the netsquare.

[Jacking into Netvegas Rogue Net]