Look at the side of those trees!

Reaching through the Metro, Polonius entered the Hospital... It was a fantastical sight for a new arrival into the hospital. Pristine and clean being the key words around the area. It was a truly busy workplace, filled with various men and women that dedicate their lives to provide the best healthcare services available. He had to look in amazement and awe towards the centralized tree system that keeps the place in such great shape. It had to be no surprise that such a place was connected to Sci Labs... but Polonius had to wonder just what was inside that would interest someone like the mafia...

It was almost 10 o'clock, and Polonius had to logged in. He took a quick look to the area as he logged in, feeling quite at home, as well as accepted...
With the deed done and DNR safely in his PET, Polonius starts walking out of the hospital, smiling a bit. "Soo... you've lost your hands..." he said in a giddy fashion, finally seeing his mentor in a non-prideful mood.

"... twice... but don't laugh!" yelled the White Blood Cell from his PET. "Besides, you won't think that when I use my dexterity to beat up viruses in our home territory!"

"You mean?"

"Yeep. We're going to Netopia!" he said with his grin returning, his protege running off to the Metro.