A biological start! Time to duel!

Walking inside the Main lobby and going up a flight of steps, Polonius finally finds the Battler platforms, walking a few steps to the blue platform and looking down towards the area. "Hmm... how a nice site...I hope this'll be enjoyable..." Polonius said to himself as he jacked his PET into the area.
"M-May the b-bet te-eam win..." Aida shyly said as she approached her platform. She didn't like saying it that much since she thought it was rude. Though putting that past her, she jacked Capuchin into the area as well.
After all was done and both navis were jacked out, Aida now faced where to go next with her new friend. "O-oh...u-umm...." She looked up at the ceiling for a moment attempting to figure out something. "W-well....I'm fine wi-ith anything." She then replied with a happy and cheerful smile. "Why don't you choose Mr. Polonius."
"W-w-wwell I was gonna ask y-you t-to choose..." Polonius said in response to Aida, pointing his fingers together in a sheepish matter, looking down at the floor with a bit of a blush.
"M-ME?!" Aida said with a bit of red developing on her cheeks. She wasn't one to actually lead things. She was more of one to follow...."O-ohhh....I don't really know e-errm....we could always go to......to.....ummm...." She heasitantly looked around as if to find her decision. "...well.....we could always stick to something easy for a warmup...s-such as ACDC or"

"AUGH! AIDA!" Capuchin cheeped loudly, "Your terrible at this! You do not bring a sparring partner to something as weak and flimsy as 'ACDC' we need some spunk! Some flare! A challenge!" The monkey navi was already fantasizing of her dream net battling area.

"B-but...I don't think I know of any"

"HMPH! FINE!" The navi loudly shouted, "I WILL DECIDE FOR YOU ALL! It's quite easy you know. I traveled all over the net long ago. I can easily figure out some gooooood places....hrrrm....now what to do...."

"C-Capuchin....your being r-rude." The orange haired netop stuttered, "And please nothing too dangerous...."

"Feeeeeeeh? You take all the fun outta netbattling! Fooey....hrrmph....guess you can always go to stupid Yoka then....mrrrgh and I wanted to go to the beach though!"
"Th-th-that sounds rather lovely... I hear they have a lovely zoo over the---" Polonius started to say as DNR interjected brashly from the PET.

"Yoka!? Hmmmm... not a bad idea princess.... buuuuttt..... we must be tired from that fighting... how about we relax in the wholesome nice Onsens ehhh?"

"W-w-well th-that sounds rather nice... wh-what do you think Aida?" Polonius asked as he looked towards her with a blush.
"Princess?" Capuchin repeated with suspicion. DNR was a very strange navi indeed...especially his second comment made a chill do down her spine and tail wich coiled madly as she realized what was to become of this.

"The O-onsen?" Aida thought for a moment at this then slowly replied, "Oh my...but...w-won't I need a swimsuit for that? I mean...I-I didn't bring one..."

"?!" Capuchin's eyes became wide as she suddenly realised the horrors an onsen can bring. "I CHANGED MY MIND!" She immediatley belted out. "SCILABS! I WANT TO GO TO SCILABS!"

"H-huh? B-but Capuchin...d-didn't you want..."

"FORGET IT! I DEMMAND SCILABS! IT WILL SAVE TIME, MONEY, and virginity..." She said the last comment in a mutter only to herself.

"U-umm....well since your so g-gung ho about it..." Aida's attention turned to Polonius, "Is that alright with you a-and DNR?"
"I-It's fine with me... DNR?" Polonius said to his net navi.

"Hehehh.... well it's fine... I prefer science myself than this virtue so called virginity..." DNR said with a shrug.
"RRRGH! I've got my EYE on you!" The navi warned DNR with an angry glare and showing her fangs. "One slip up and I'll beat yer butt again!"

"C-Capuchin!" Aida scolded as they made their way to the metro, "D-Don't be that way! They are being very nice to us and all y-you do is cause fights."


And with that, Capuchin and Aida boarded the metro.
(Left to Scilabs)
DNR simply shrugged at their animosity as he and Polonius followed them into the metro, heading to Science Labs.

(also leaving to Sci labs)