Inside the Colisseum

Sieg was standing right in front of the building, staring at the gates. It will be crowded. There will be lots of people, and noise, and all the annoying stuff that is part of a place like this. A popular place, with tourists and voyeurs and netbattlers. Too bad that Valkyrie accepted that challenge. What was she thinking to put that offer up anyway?

- Come on, move it already!
- Right, right... maybe I could go for a private lobby...
- So that no one will know who was the one that triumphed today? Hell no. You are going to battle like ordinary people. Understood?
- Yes ma'am.

The hall was rather empty, probably since there wasn't much to do there anyway. So far, so good. The boy continued his way to the Dome, where, much to his dismay, everything was exactly as he expected. Men and women of all ages were battling, chatting, or simply just enjoying the show that the others put on. Sieg quickly rushed to one of the ports and jacked in without much hesitation, but with rather... nervous speed.

It wasn't that he didn't like people. When he was trying to think, or simply slack off, he usually just sat down somewhere and watched people minding their own business. He found it amusing how they act, and made a game out of trying to figure out why. But crowded places, like the Colosseum for example, were just too much. He couldn't concentrate on anything, only catching small, mixed bits of each conversation. His senses were failing him, and after a while, the cheerful chatting of others became scornful laughs, while smiles turned into sneers, all mocking him.

- You... are you alright?
- F-fine. Lets get this over with.
- Get a hold of yourself! Concentrate on whats in front of you. Others doesn't matter... we... well, I have a fight to win here!
- Yeah. I'll be alright, no worries.
- That was slightly less embarracing than I had thought.

Sieg was slowly walking towards the exit of the arena. There is no need to hurry; its not as if he has anything planned. The time was well past noon; the sun that was almost blindingly bright when he entered the place was about to set.

- Really? Mind telling how?
- For starters, we didn't loose. The... referee says it was a draw.
- Well we didn't win either!

The operator didn't have any words for that. Its true, but its not like he expected a win when he came here. After the fight he checked up on the records of the navi, and his level was way above theirs. A draw is far better than what should have been expected. There was something he didn't feel for for quite some time now, however...

- Wasn't you the one that said that the fight ain't over till one of you breath? Don't worry we'll meet again. Then we'll show them just what we are capable of.

Valkyrie didn't answer. She just sat silently, recovering from her wounds. There were quite a lot. Her smile was covered by the shadow of the helmet. Indeed, it could have been worse.