The lone fighter

Shigeru walked into the colosseum, marveling at its immense size. His house could easily fit in here. Hell, TEN houses could fit in here. He looked around, trying to find where he was supposed to go. Nearby, a girl was beating her PET against the wall.
Wow. Quite the disfunctional relationship.
Finally finding the front desk, he asked where he was supposed to go for the Planeswalker event. The woman there pointed him down a nearby hall, telling him to take the fourth door on the right. With a quick thanks, he dashed down the hall. Opening the door, he was surprised at what he saw. It almost looked like a doctor's waiting room, but with a TV that spanned one wall instead of a check-in desk. Shigeru jacked Voltman in, before recoiling as he appeared in the arena pictured on the TV.
Hm. Nice. Very helpful, too.
Stop yakking and get to programming! I'm gonna need those upgrades!
Shigeru sighed, and left Voltman to wait for the event to begin while he started configuring the upgrades.
Placing his PET in the carrier at his waist, Shigeru pocketed the new chips, paying special attention to the MetalZone chip. The metal had helped them, once they had gotten the hang of it, so it would definitely help them in the future.
Shigeru! Hurry up! Let's get to the shop already!
Shigeru was confused, and with good reason. He thought they had been saving their cash. Then, realizing that Voltman just wanted something to do, and that he would thank him when they finally got that next speed upgrade, he just ignored his navi's yelling and got on the Metroline for... where? He really had no place to go. Then, remembering the hot dog stand, he shrugged.
It's better than nowhere, I guess.
Getting on the train to Scilabs, his stomach growled at the thought of a MondoDog.
Then, the doors closed, and he was gone.