Test Time

Wes arrived in the lobby, and, using the signs, found his way into the testing room. Seemed he was the first to arrive. With a sigh, he sat down. He would need to find a third person before they were ready and could jack in.
Wes glanced up from his seat, "Looks like an arena has been prepared for our group. Better jack in a while. Whenever the others get here, we don't want to be waiting around."

"Kay, I'm going in." Junior disappeared into the net.

"Hmmm.... I thought that guy would be right behind me. Maybe he can't find the room...." Wes mumbled, thinking out loud, "Never did catch his name, did I?"
Shin popped up beside Wes unexpectedly, nodding to the younger netop, Shin went to another terminal and started some unneccessary posing.
"Plug-in! Red Riding Hood.exe! Transmission!" Shin shouted as he sent Red into the Colosseum's network.
Wes was surprised by the sudden appearance, but didn't show it, "So, uh, I don't think I ever caught your name. Your reply to Hunior's BBS topic said 'Sin' but I take it that's a nickname. Am I right?"
"It's a username I developed quite some time ago." Shin said, staring at the big holographic screen that displayed his navi. "I'm Fujiwara Shin. Former Member of a great tactical organization." The man continued.
((Interacting with your character))

"So... are we just waiting?" Shin asked Wes nonchalantly.
"There's a third guy coming. He just registered.... using my money." Wes sighed, "But he should be here soon. At least I hope. Wonder what the navi's like?" Of course, that wasn't the only thing Wes was thinking about. Fujiwara Shin? That sounded familiar. And tatical organization...? "By the way, what group were you a part of? Netpolice, Sonata, Nocturne?"
"Oh? I think you may have heard of it." Shin said, with a smirk. "Sorry," Shin then breathed in, took off his sunglasses and looked Majin directly in the face. "I was part of Requiem, led by your navi's father and your... teacher maybe?"
"Yeah, uh, something like that." Wes wasn't really sure what to say. It wasn't quite time for him to be discussing Requiem so.... "Yeah, uh, something like that." He repeated.
Polonius finally arrived in the colosseum lobby, still in a frenzy about making there on time. As he ran through the corridors, following the signs to the examination room, he started getting butterflies in his stomach and started having thoughts " I wonder who my group members are? . . . . . . Will they accept me with my navi? Ugh, I'm so shy!

. . . . . . .

He finally entered the exam room, and in a barely audiable voice, while looking down: " Um . . . . . . .Is this t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-the r-r-r-r-room o-o-o-o-o-o-of the P-P-P-Planeswalker Exam?"
"Yeah." Shin replied to operator cooly. "Come on and jack in."
"Finally. You the guy who I loaned that money to?" Wes sat up, brining his PET in front of his face, "Hey, Junior, time to wake up." He then waited for the guy to send in his navi.
"Um . . . . . . . . . . okay" he bows towards the both of them in jesture and proceeds to jack in.
"It's starting, let's go guys." Shin asserted.
"Hmmm.... one battle down, now four to go. With that rearch mission coming up, we need to hurry with these following matches. Luckily I got just the thing to make sure we can get through them with little trouble." Wes smirked. He now had one of the most legendary of the original Soulman's move added to Junior's arsennal. While it might not be as powerful as the first, it would still be good enough to ensure that this next battle wouldn't be as difficult.
"Y-y-y-you have t-t-t-that m-m-m-mission t-t-t-too? I'm nervous m-m-m-myself on that. I only hope that m-m-m-m-my n-n-n-navi makes it out alive" The med students spits out, not knowing the hidden dangers that will be sure to come in that mission . . . "My names P-p-p-polonius by the way" Polonius gave a shy smirk to everybody, then continued to look down on the floor.
"Fujiwara Shin." Shin replied, looking down on his screen.
"Well that was a waste of time. We need to prep for this upcoming whatever it is." sighed Wes, "Well, I'm heading to Scilabs to earn some quick cash. I invite you to join me, Shin."

"Well, hope to see you there, Red-chan." called Junior from his PET as the two left the colloseum and took the Metro to Scilabs.
"Be right there." Shin said, as he pocketed his PET, waved goodbye to Polonius and went towards the metro to SciLabs.
"Huh . . . . .It's j-j-j-j-just me and you DNR. I hope we can make friends with the sick navis when we bring them medicine" Polonius says to his PET as the others leave him in the dust. "Let's go to our dorm and prepare shall we?" Polonius safely tells his white haired accomplice. "LET US GO, AMANDA, FOR GREAT CHARITY!" DNR screams like a disgruntled postal worker in the snow. Polonius gives a fain smile as he runs to the metro for ACDC. . .