Finally! The Day Off!

It had been horrendous on campus. Traffic, horrible professors, traffic again! Tatianna wanted to rest, and it took PurgeMan every ounce of his being and every byte of his code to keep her in the game today, constantly cheering her on and giving her little quotes he could fish out of the net from his IF port to give her. Now that today had come to an astounding close, at least, the school day anyways, Tatianna simply strode into her parents' home, given she still lived with them, and flopped down into her office chair on the far side of her small-ish home. Flipping her laptop open, and glancing briefly to her PET, Tatianna asked that signature question. "PurgeMan, status report and willingness to log in?" "Systems nominal. Termination Protocols online and system version is and willingness? You need not ask. I'd follow your will to the Undernet and back with a smile." From there, she jacked in via her USB port. Vintage, but it worked.

It was time to get back in the saddle, and go over the basics. After all, if you forgot the simplest bits, you'd lose the complexity of the latter techniques, and thus, your skills as a whole.
With her stint of busting outta the way, she laughed a little. "Haha! That was GREAT, Purgykins! Alright, SciLabs, right? Then we get back." Tatianna would sit up and stretch, keys in hand and PeT in her pocket, the small woman would exit, locking her door, waving to her parents on the way out.

"Going to SciLabs mom n pop! Love youuu!" There she went, and gone.