Fresh air was a rarity in the city - or at least, fresh air as the Netopians knew it. Under the silver sky, buildings loomed in the distance, houses and botique shops making up most of the district known as ACDC; despite the housing bubble and limited land, ACDC Town remained somewhat affordable for the middle-class. College students usually roomed at their respective universities: dorms were far more affordable than renting a house. Knapsack on her back, Rachel stepped outside a modest two-story home and into the street.

Roads were not just for cars these days - cars were restricted in speed in most areas of the city and people freely crossed where they liked. Endless gridlock was a problem of the past, really: why would anybody drive a car when public transportation was so cheap and easy? Right underground, there were subway trains rushing to and fro, rattling everywhere. Not that Rachel could afford a car anyway.

Adeptly navigating menus on her Personal Terminal, she pulled up a map. Nudging the Navi button with her thumb, she glanced around to make sure the street was clear. Directly, yes it was.

"You rang? Oh! Uptown buses are running three minutes late."

Three minutes was enough time to get it started. Opening the Navi menu, she selected to connect to the the network. Online, Avery The Policeman went!

[Jack In!]