Staring into the sky, the cool breeze brushed across his whole body. Allen could hear the sounds of birds chirping as they flapped their tiny little wings in the air. This day almost brought a calming demeanor to his hot headed attitude. The PET that held his Navi was hanging around his neck from a long cord that was knotted near his stomach.

"Mercurial, you realize that we need to keep you in top shape. You'll never be considered the fastest if you don't train every day."

From the PET a face flashed onto the screen. Mercurial took notice of the comment and was quick to judge it.

"You act like my programming will wear away and cause me to slow down. It's not like I get muscle degeneration; I'm not your typical athlete."

Allen had a small smirk on his face; today nothing would bring him down.

"Don't start with your backtalk or I'll have you running laps around the net."

Pulling his PET from the loop hanging around his neck, Allen plugged in to the nearest port and was ready to engage in fighting viruses.