"Must be nice. Being able to go wherever you want whenever you want. Meanwhile I'm held like a prisoner in this PET day in and day out -- there should be laws against this."

The screen on Faith's PET lit up from its place on her desk as her Net Navi spoke to her.

"If you behaved better I'd probably let you out more often."

"You mean you'd let me out at all?"

It had been weeks since the last time she'd jacked in. Maybe an entire month? For living in a society so reliant on technology and cyber world interaction, Faith had quite a gift for avoiding it after their last "incident".

"You're not as forgiving as you say you are. Okay, I made a mistake and maybe said a few things I shouldn't have, but that doesn't give you a right to isolate me from society in this god-forsaken digital cage."


Maybe Feint was right. Or maybe twenty-five days of hearing her complaining was just finally getting to her. But at least now she had finally admitted to doing something wrong.

"Okay. I'll jack you in. But if you don't behave I'm pulling you back out."

"What? You can't break me. I don't care if you lock me up for a month or a hundred years, I'm free to speak my mind whenever and to whomever I want. I'm just saying it puts you in the wrong for being a power-abusive operator is all."


"Ugh, fine. I'll hold my tongue until I have your permission to speak, my iron-fisted ruler."


Feint's image burst into blue pixels and vanished as Faith silently jacked her into her PC. An "iron-fisted ruler" wouldn't have given her any freedom at all, right? Surely she was as bad of an operator as Feint accused her of being, but little did she realize that Feint had manipulated her self-doubt in order to get her way yet again. She knew just the right buttons to press -- she was good at that.

But unfortunately she didn't know how to keep out of trouble, and now it was only a matter of time before she'd find herself wrapped up in another "incident" that'd result in her being locked away again for weeks at a time.

There were certainly disadvantages to being an "unbreakable captive", as she proclaimed herself to be.

Jacking in Feint to ACDC Net