Virus Cleaner: Real world

As Matt was walking along, Condor asked a question.

"So Matt, what's this mission about?"

"Well, you see, I signed up for a mission from a Netnavi called Prye.EXE. Prye needs help to clean up an infected storage drive. It's riddled with viruses! They've stopped the flow of viruses, but need help cleaning out the rest."

"Interesting. Won't it take a while though? Also, how will I get there?"

"Well Prye gave me a link.dat, so that's how you will get there. And, I asked for some help as well. We'll be working with Joan and her Netnavi Rayner.EXE!"

"Huh. What's in it for us?"

"Sheesh, that's cold! Well, Joan's taking the money, and we're getting Airshoes."

Condor said nothing, but their was a little shimer in his eyes.

Matt noted a Jack in port not too far away. Pointing his PET at it, he called out,"Jack In! Condor, Excute!"

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As Condor Came back into the PET, he felt a little bit different. But he could worry about that later. He turned to face Matt, angry.

Matt! What's going on! Why did you pull me out of the mission like that! You cost us the Airshoes!

Matt is taken aback by Condor's response, visibly recoiling.

Matt:(taken aback)
Sheesh, Condor, calm down! Dad sent me an email. He said that we can't stay at home because we lost the house in a fire. He's fine though,and he's sent us a program in apology.

The look on Condor's face was one of worry, a rare emotion to see on him.

Did he save your stuff? And our trophies?

Matt: Dad saved the computer, our trophies and our family stuff.

Condor was relieved, but then he thought about where they would stay.

Condor:(Relieved, then thinking.
That's good. But, where will we stay?

Matt: In Kotobuki Town. Uh.., the apartments there are good.

Condor:(Not convinced)
Will your father be joining us?

Matt: No, Dad can't join us. Before we go, lets check out the chip shop again.

Condor started to say no, but stopped. In the last battle he didn't do so good. Maybe a new chip was what he needed.

Eh, why not.

Matt started to walk to the chip shop, not knowing that someone -or some Net Navi- was watching him......


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