???: " So, sounds like a plan?"

Jake's eyes shot open as he heard a voice speaking to him. He sat up from the bench he had been laying on to look around, but saw no one.

???: " ... You weren't listening to any of that, were you?"

The voice was coming from his pocke-- oh, right! His PET!

Jake whipped it out of his jacket-pocket to confront the mildly-irritated voice that had (apparently) been talking to him while he fell asleep on ACDC Park's bench. And he'd obviously been out cold for quite a while -- it was night time now, but the sun was still shining before he fell asleep.

(Warrior): " That tired?"

(Jake): " Well... it's been a long day."

(Warrior): " Right..."

Still groggy from being interrupted from his power-nap, Jake rubbed his eyes as he brought the PET screen away from his face. The brightness was a little too high for his eyes to adjust, at the moment.

(Jake): " ... so what were you saying?"

(Warrior): " A lot."

(Jake): " Well fine, if you wanna be tha--"

(Warrior): " Let's bust some viruses."

Jake paused for a moment, considering the proposal. Seemed kind of 'spur-of-the-moment', but then again, he'd been asleep for several hours. God only knew how long Warrior had been talking about this subject during that time.

(Jake): " ... It's kind of late, isn't it?"

(Warrior): " It is for everyone else. But you just woke up, so let's get up and go."

Jake didn't have to ask why Warrior wanted to go virus busting -- he obviously was craving for action. They'd been offline for quite some time now, busy with education, career-searching, and the like. Chances were they had probably gotten pretty sloppy, in fact.

So it was a good idea to freshen up on their battle techniques, actually.

(Warrior): " Do you have any Chips on you?"

(Jake): "I never leave the house without a handful."

(Warrior): " Good. Let's Jack-In and get started then -- I've been waiting way too long for this."

(Jake): " Alright. Just make sure you Jack-Out when things get sketchy this time. I don't feel like piecing together your data again, after what happened before."

(Warrior): " But... The world was at stake..."

(Jake): " Ofcourse it was. Jack-In! War--"

(Warrior): " You're still on the bench."

(Jake): " ..."

It was early. Or late. Whichever.

Shaking off the tiredness, Jake walked over to the infamous Squirrel Mascot of ACDC Park -- searching for a ledge of some sort to sit on as he plugged up his PET (It was sort of old-school, but he liked it that way).

(Jake): "Jack-In! Warrior!"

(Warrior): " Execute!"
It felt like he'd been sitting here for a year now.

How long had it really been? Who knew.

At any rate, he'd accumulated enough Zenny to buy a few upgrades for his Navi, so at a leisurely pace, Jake got up and left the park to head to SciLabs and buy some items. Fortunately, that place seemed to always be open, even this late at night.

[[b]Location Change[/b] → SciLab (Inside the Shop)]
One short trip later and Jake was back.

It was awkward how a five minute trip to the Navi Shop could feel like five whole months though. Hopefully time wouldn't continue to lapse so awkwardly for the rest of the night for Rayner and his Navi...