Chars is sitting down on a bench in ACDC town.
Chars: hey plasma I'm trying think about battle tactics got any ideas?
PlasmaEXE: I'm not quite sure, but do you want to here a joke?
Chars: sure. You know I love jokes.
Plasma: okay. What do you call a pwned virus.
Chars:what do you call a pwned virus?
Plasma: a MetoolB!
Chars: hahahaha, good one plasma. All that laughing has made me thirsty.
Plasma look over there it's a vending machine.
Chars: great work plasma!

Chars walks over to the vending machine and purchases a drink, then drinks start flying all over the place.

Chars: ahhhhhhhh. Get me out of here.n
Plasma: chars there is a jack In port in the side of the machine.
Chars: you think you can take them.
Plasma: for sure.
Alright. Plasma EXE jack in!