Matt in ACDC Town

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On Topic:

Matt stepped off the Metro line and into ACDC Town. The town was peaceful, albeit quiet.
''What a ride. Worth it ,though. This place is quiet, isn't, Condor?''


''You still fuming about Dad holding on to your upgrades?''

''Yeah. It's bad enough that I can't fly, then your dad takes my upgrades."

''Well, Dad took my chips as well. Are we going to go on the net?''

''Why not?''


Noting the Squirrel statue in the park, Matt pointed his PET at it.
''Jack in! Condor, Execute!''

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Matt watched as Condor returned to the PET.

"Well, where do we go now?"

"There's a chip shop near by, why don't we go there?"


Matt put his PET in his pocket, and headed off to the chip shop.

(To the chip shop.)
Matt walked up to the squirrel statue in the park, before stopping, pulling out his PET, and jacking in Condor.

''Jack in! Condor, Execute!''

(To the ACDC Internet!)
As Condor returned to the PET, Matt sped off to somewhere in ACDC Town.

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