Raila's House

A 14 year old girl fiddled around with her PET and her battlechips. As she fiddled her gadgets, her NetNavi appeared on her PET screen.

"Are you done yet, Raila?" a curious NetNavi asked to her operator. "I'm done organized my battlechips, but are you sure you want to bust some viruses?" Raila asked to her NetNavi with a worried look.

"C'mon, you used me as a mail Navi. Besides, I need some exercise to the Net," FireFlower replied to Raila with a determined look. "I don't think so, there some bad Navis everywhere. I don't think this is not a good idea," Raila said as she opened the TV and browsing the channels.

"C'mon, some of the NetNavis and their Operators will come out and challenge us without training. C'mon, please, for me?" FireFlower asked to her operator with a cute expression.

"Alright, but if anything happens to you, I'll jack you out, okay?" Raila said as she took her PET. "Okay, thanks, Raila!"

After that, she heads to her computer. "Ready, FireFlower?" Raila asked to her Navi. "I'm ready for anything! Jack me in, Raila!" FireFlower shouted to her operator with a determined look. "Okay, Jack In! FireFlower!
With her NetNavi jacked out of the net, Raila wasted no time to get downstairs to meet up with her parents. When she did, she stopped in her tracks to see them sitting on the sofa, glaring at their daughter.


"So, anything exciting in your room lately?" her mother asked in curiosity.

"Oh, nothing eventful upstairs!" Raila said in panic. "Just doing some homework!"

"Homework, huh? Cause the last time I remember, you already finished it a week ago and it's summer vacation already."

"Oh no..."

She forgot it's her summer vacation already. How long is she in that room anyway?

"Oh, did I said homework? I mean my school project!" she said in panic. "I need to finish it before vacation's over! Hehe..."

However, her father approached his daughter and says, "Don't try to lie, young lady! You've been in the internet, have you?"

"What makes you say that?"

And without a warning, her PET quickly beep, scaring Raila out of her wits as she accidentally drops it in the process. Before she can even picks it up, her Dad grabs it and saw Raila's NetNavi is still being repaired after what happened, which he guessed why Raila is holed up in her room for an hour.

"Does this answer your question?"

Seeing that she is busted, Raila hung her head in defeat.


After a while, Raila returned back into her bedroom after that. She's been with her parents the whole day, shopping for groceries. Although she gets bored easily when she is shopping, she wants to do it so she can get out of her house and the internet for a while. However, that gives her no time to repair F.F. from her previous battle. She then pulls out her PET and continues her repairs on her Navi as FireFlower says, "You don't have to do this to spend your summer vacation."

"Tell that to my Navi who wants to risk her life to bust some viruses to get stronger," Raila said. "Besides, I've already been the beach several times during my past summer vacations and all I want to do is to spend my time in ACDC without any accidents."

"Well, all I can say is so not fair, because you've been the beach many times while I'm stuck here in your PET."

"Don't look at me, ask my parents. They said the viruses in Beach Street's network is somehow strong."

"Then maybe I can bust more viruses in ACDC's network so I can get stronger!"

Although she wants to protest that idea, Raila's Navi does make a good point. She really wants to visit a beach in the network once in a while. But with viruses running amuck if what her parents said was true, then she will become worried about her well-being. However, her thoughts are broken as F.F. says, "Hey, Raila! Now that I think about it, we got a new battlechip from that earlier battle, right? How can we get more chips?"

Hearing her Navi says that made Raila realized about it. She only has three battlechips before she got the RollingLog1. What if she gets more chips? However, seeing her money even after getting some prize money from their earlier battles...

"Well, we can buy some at the chip store near here. But..."

"But what?"

"Judging from my Zennies, I can't even afford one measly battlechip..."

F.F. frowned about this, seeing that she can't get more battlechips with her lack of Zennies, unless...

"Well, what about more virus busting tomorrow? That way, the more viruses we battle, the more Zennies enough to buy some battlechips!"

"I don't know..." Raila said, unsure of this until her Navi begged. "PLEASE!!! I really need to get strong enough to beat baddies and viruses AND get to go on a beach like you!"

Seeing her puppy-dog eyes and her desperation to experience summer vacation for once, what choice does she have?

"Alright, we'll do some more virus busting. But after we returned from Electown."

"Electown?" F.F. asked, confused at first until she remembers it. "Oh, I remember!"

She then pulls out Raila's schedule and says, "You're supposed to go there because your Dad has business-related things to do and your Mom visiting a shop to buy that kitchen oven or something..."

"Yeah. And return back home in here the next day."

"Oh. Well, that's too bad..."

Although she wants to get there as soon as possible tomorrow, she noticed FireFlower's hint of disappointment. Remembering that battle, she also reminded her that she is half responsible that F.F. almost EJO.

"Well, I always woke up at 6 AM and we won't leave until 8 AM, right? So let's have 2 virus battles first before I head out to Electown with my folks. After that, we'll do more virus battles after we got back the next day," Raila suggested. "Sounds good?"

Listening to her suggestion made F.F. became excited at this as she nodded in agreement.

"Good. Your repairs should be done by the morning I wake up, so rest up, Fire."

"Okay, good night, Rai!" F.F. said in a cheerful manner as her operator goes to bed.

"Yeah, good night... Fire..."

As she went to her slumberland, she prays nothing will happen tomorrow.


The next day, Raila woke up at 6 AM, just like as she predicted. And after she took a bath, she dressed up and heads to her computer desk with her PET ready.

"All charged up and ready to go, Raila! Just jack me up!" F.F. said in glee.

"All right. And remember, we only need 2 battles. No more, okay?" Raila reminded her Navi.

"Okay! Just get me into the net now!"

"Right! Jack in, FireFlower! Execute!"

With her Link PET ready, she jacked her Navi into the net once again.

(Jacking into ACDC Net again)
After jacking out her NetNavi from the net, Raila wasted no time to pack her things while talking to her NetNavi about what happened.

"I still don't like viruses. But that Melody is somehow different from the ones we fight before," FireFlower spoke up.

"Maybe it has a personality. My Dad said that viruses tend to have sentient programmings and tend to wander instead of destroying the net," Raila explained. "I mean, you have one and I'm not complaining about it."

"True. But still, after meeting that Melody, a part of me felt I want to pet it."

"Hehe... I just hope you won't get jacked out because you only want a hug."

"Anyways, how many Zennies did we get from those viruses?" F.F. asked in curiosity.

Realizing the true reason of their battles, Raila checked on her PET and says, "About 420z."

"What?! That small?! Oh well, I guess I can battle more later."

"Yeah. Right now, let's head off to Electown with my parents."

Now seeing that her backpack is now packed, Raila grabbed her PET and put it in her holster attached to her black single loop belt before she grabbed her bag and head out from her room to meet with her parents.


Outside Raila's house, Raila meet up with her parents, who are now inside their family van.

"Ready to go, honey?" Her Mom asked to her daughter.

"Yeah and so does Fire."

"Good. I hope you didn't do anything net-related that almost made you late," her father said with a smile, which Raila shivers in fear upon hearing that.

"Uh, no Dad! I'm just packing my bag, that's all! Right, Fire?" Raila sheepishly explained, which her Navi sheepishly nodded in approval.

"Alright, let's go."

With that said, Raila's father started the car as they head off to Electown.