"A little while longer, Willow", whispered a voice against the howl of the wind, it's originator obscured by the pitch of night.

"I'm cold...", came the reply, barely audible above the harsh din of nature.

Willow had been walking for hours now, her thin dress offering little protection from the harsh climes she now found herself in. Bundled out of an unmarked biplane in a nondescript airfield in the middle of nowhere, it had taken all her effort just to make it to the outskirts of the city. 3 hours later, just after midnight, young Willow had found herself standing in an unknown grassy area without a zenny to her name and only her navi to protect her.

"Baby, you just have to keep your eyes open, remember what you've been taught", Soul chimed in, his voice full of a reassuring gusto, the sort you'd expect any adult to use when reassuring a child, "Can you see any signs?",

"AC... DC... Pa...rk", Willow mouthed in reply, "ACDC park...", she reaffirmed,

"Groovy Baby!", Soul replied with a streak of zeal, "You'll have the local language down in no time!",

"They never spoke much of it to me... The writing is hard...",

"You're acing it Baby! Now what do we have to do first in a new location?", Soul asked, his voice now that of a teacher to a student,




"Correctamondo Baby! Seems to me that there's a jack-in port in that weird squirrel, you find some shelter and I'll secure a connection", the Navi ordered, his voice laced with a methodical tone running contradictory to his happy act. Over the next 20 minutes, Willow begun to assemble a makeshift protection, composed of detritus, cardboard and whatever stray newspaper that wasn't completely trashed. Thankfully, someone had left a blanket of sorts under a nearby bush, its threadbare nature and stained look indicating years of picnicking. The little protection it provided was a welcome relief from the harsh winds around, this, coupled with the other assemblage left her almost warm.

Propping herself up against the statue, the young girl was almost close to exhaustion when her partner piped up once again, "Jack me in Baby, I'll find us something to trade for a bite, plenty of viruses to...",

"No...", Willow interjected, her face contorting from her previous neutrality,

"But you need to eat..."


"Alright...", Soul conceded, he knew that this was not an argument he could win, "I'll find some other way".

[Jack In]