Havoc in the School

Velcir is awoken angrily by a mob of sound coming from the front door of his house. He assumed that his friends were here to pick him up for school. Getting up, he puts on his normal clothes. Going over to his computer, he unplugs his PET, looking at the flame designs within it. Blade was sealed within the PET, looking up at him.

Most people saw Blade as an eerily mysterious Navi. Velcir designed him to be completely emotionless, and to be a dark warrior able to do anything without questioning. The Navi may still speak, but he feels nothing when people are harmed. No one can look into his eyes, because they are covered by the dark visor over his face. Some people questioned why he was designed that way, but Velcir knew. He was designed to be able to cause mass chaos without making a sound, and leave before anyone noticed he was there. How was that possible? Because. He couldn't feel excitement, sadness, happiness, anger, or any emotions of the such. Therefore, he doesn't react as most would. His way of responding is a swift kill. Just how Velcir needed him.

Hearing the mob of sounds once again coming from his door, he quickly puts his PET into a pocket on the inside of his black jacket, without Blade saying a word too him. Sometimes they talked, sometimes they didn't. This was one of those times when they knew the plan, and there was no need for speaking.

Going to the door, his assumption was proven correct. His friends, Blaze, Tod, Marry, and Tory, were outside his door waiting for him.

"Hey, Velcir. Want to walk to school with us?" Tod asked him, clearly excited. He was wearing his normal red shirt and brown pants. "Isn't it a bit early?" "Yea, we just wanted to get there a little early today," Marry told him, in her normal pink dress, which he thought was overkill with the pink hair bow, the pink shoes, the pink soaks. Like someone came and just soaked her in some pink chemical. Blaze, once again, didn't talk to him. For some reason the kid didn't like the mornings. He never talked in the morning. But once the morning ended and he woke up, he wasn't the person to be around. And Tory. . . well, he was the oddball of the group. The only one of them who still had a normal old Navi, he didn't have anything he needed to get his own costume one.

Looking at his friends, he started to feel bad about what he was going to do. He shakes his head. He couldn't start thinking that way now. It was time to put his plan into motion. "No thanks, I'll go during my own time a little while. But thanks!" With that, his friends leave. No more time for talk. Time to do this. He walks toward the telephone pole a few feet away from his house, maybe five or six. This is where he decided he was going to start his plan. He wanted to try and make sure his friends didn't get caught in the process of his plan, but that was a risk he would have to take. Going to the telephone pole, he pulls out his PET. Blade was cracking his knuckles inside of it, getting ready for the inevitable battle awaiting.

"Jack in, Blade, power-up!"

He puts the PET connection cord into the phone pole Net connection Zone, and small sparks fly. He grins. Step one was a success. Now, to guide Blade through.
Through the PET, Velcir see's three new virus'. They look as though they just came back from a good meeting or party in his opinion, and looked like a happy bunch waving there little pick axes. Then they see his Navi, Blade, and there faces seem to brighten.

Moles with hard hats and pick axes, that's how Velcir saw them. This should be a fun fight. This would be a great warm up for Blade. He hadn't fought anyone in a good while, so time to make sure his Navi didn't lose his touch.

The virus' were metools, so they wouldn't be too hard to destroy let's see just how much his Navi has grown since there last battle.

"Rage Claw 1! Battle Chip In! Download!"

He yells, putting the chip into his PET.

"HeatShot! Battle Chip In! Download!"

He yells, putting the second chip within his PET.

"Cannon! Battle Chip In! Download!"

He yells, putting the new chip within his PET.

It had been a while since he used his battle chips, or his Navi, or his PET in battle. He had to get his battle style back together. He remembered it as though he were using it just yesterday. First, try and make the opponent think it's not safe to get to close. Then, fire away with long range attacks. That way, got to close, they get sliced to pieces. Go to far, get blown to shreds. Not much they could do to get away.