As the subway slows to a stop Morin sees his first glimpse of ACDC town-the empty subway station. As he steps out of the open doors to find himself alone, his stoic expression falls apart, and a wide, vicious smile engulfs his pale face. Pulling his leather-bound tome of a PET from its holster, he pops it open.

As text spreads across the two large screens of his PET, he speaks to his Navi, "...and so it begins. Let us go, Fictious. Our time is now."

His Navi responds, "...we haven't even jacked in yet. We've still got a long way to go before we can really do much."

Morin grimaces, "Respect the scene, Fictious. If the drama is insufficient, then our failure is guaranteed."

Fictious just sighs as his near-albino face replaces the right screen of the PET, "That isn't how it works."

One black raises eyebrow in response, frustrating the Navi further. Gold eyes glare for a moment, before softening to mild exasperation, "Fine, it is begun, or whatever. Jack me in."

Morin smirks slightly at his victory, but knows it won't last. Quickly searching the station, he spots a public port that connects to ACDC's Network.

Pointing the spine of his open PET at the port, his voice came alight with dramatic flare, punctuating the last word with a predatory hiss, "Wonderful, let us begin. Jack in. Fictious, execute.

(Jack In: ACDC Net)