Home is where things keep happening.

Tsujsa's home was a fairly standard and small apartment room, where there was only 4 rooms, the main hall, a kitchen, a closet and a toilet/bathroom. And yet, for all it's humble appearances, it had the fairly standard equipment for going online as well. A TV, A standard PC and a modem linked to the internet.

Tsujsa had been sitting on the couch, fiddling and tweaking with his PET, and yet, nothing spectacular had happened, although he certainly did learn a bit more on how to modify PETs without causing any permanent damage. Granted, Validus wasn't one bit pleased with Tsujsa's messing around.

"Well, that covers about it."
"I -don't- feel any different except feeling like I've been violated."
"Doesn't matter. The main thing is I've gain experienced so I know how to optimize you properly next time."

Validus turned his face away and muttered something, but went ignored by Tsujsa. "Now that that's done though.... you feel like going onto the net?" Tsujsa asked. Validus nodded. "That's a good idea. I need to practice more..."

And with that, Tsujsa activated the transmission link on his PET to the PC, and into the internet.
It was morning, and Tsujsa was already awake and making breakfast for himself. That is, if you count instant noodles and coffee a suitable breakfast. Validus was also refreshed. The navi woke up a little later than the operator, but the main thing was that the Navi had recovered fully.

"You know, usually it's the Navi who functions as an alarm clock."
"Well, yesterday did take quite a lot out of me..."
"True, but you kept pushing yourself. I suggested we pull out."
"And you know I'll be moping for one whole week if we pulled out. You know how much I hate defeat."

"You don't need to remind me." Tsujsa muttered as he poured the noodles he had been cooking onto a clean bowl. He pulled the newspaper as well to read up on the latest news. Nothing out of the ordinary.

But an advertisement DID catch his attention. A shop in Scilabs that sells upgrades to increase a Navi's efficiency in Netbattling or normal activities. Intrigued, he pulled out his PET and placed it on the table. He stared into the screen where Validus was.

The Navi looked at him in puzzlement. "What?"
"I think we should go get you some upgrades."
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"You almost got deleted in the last battle. I think if I upgraded you a bit more you'll be busting viruses a lot easier. What do you say we travel over to Scilabs later?"
"Hmm. Well if it does improve my capabilities I do not see any reason to object. Why not?"
"Great. Let's head over there after breakfast."
"There. That should be the last of it."
"Yeah. THIS time I feel a lot more energized. Those upgrades you gave me really did have an effect on me."

Tsujsa finished placing the upgrades inside his PET. Validus was now looking slightly tougher than he did back then. "Well, if you're ready to go, let's hit the net."

"I don't mind. Let's see how well we do this time around."
"Sorry for the trouble," she said, entering the small apartment. Well, from the looks of it, the elevator was convenient enough... Just a few raised platforms here and there. Nothing she couldn't handle. Moving to a corner of the house, she lowered her luggage to the floor, taking out her PET and setting it down on the table. "Here you go Rhea," she noted, moving her wheelchair back to the luggage to unpack.

The Navi stole a few curious glances around the room from the screen, but had said nothing in comment. Rhea never liked to voice her own opinions, mostly out of fear that she might get laughed at or made fun of. Insecurity had always been a companion of the purple-suited programme ever since she came into Camillia's picture.
"Well, the apartment isn't much, as I've said earlier. But it's home." Tsujsa said scratching his head as he went in. "Make yourself comfortable. There"Validus, why don't you show our guest's navi around in ACDC net?" He said as he switched on the transmission switch on his PET.

"I don't mind. I'll be waiting in the ACDC area." Validus said as he disappeared from the PET appeared in Cyberspace.

"Well, plug your navi in, Cam. It's been awhile since we spent time together after all." Tsujsa said with a smile.
Camillia raised an eyebrow, picking up her PET as she sighed. Apparently her host was very eager to show her around the net... "Well, do you want to, Rhea?"

"I believe the choice is yours," the Navi responded appropriately, though it was obvious that Rhea was eager to move out. In fact, she was pacing about already. "Alright, alright. I guess it won't hurt to run about sometime..." the redhead said, setting up the PET to access to cyberspace. "Take care, Rhea."
Camillia sighed as she kept her PET in her slingbag, eyeing her cousin, who was enormously enthused by this activity. In all honesty, sure, it was fun and all, but her passion to travel still preserved with her. Perhaps this was what they called wanderlust.

"Well, that's it. I don't think I should be staying indoors any longer..." she noted, already turning for the exit. "I'll be back-- I won't go far, promise," the redhead promised to Tsujsa, then wheeled herself out of the house.
Tsujsa was snoring and muttering incomprehensibly on the couch, his entire body sprawled all over it like an egg cracked on a surface. A nearby ringing could be heard but Tsujsa refused to acknowledge it, and merely turned over. Then...


With a jolt, Tsujsa suddenly tried to spring up right but tripped and fell flat onto the floor. Groaning as he scratched his head, he lifted himself up. "whaaaat?!?" He grumbled at his Navi, Validus.

"My Navicust upgrades just disappeared! And in it's place were some kinda upgrade program..."

Validus lifted himself up and sat on the table, checking his PET as he ran over the E-Mail in the features menu.

Quote ()

Dear User.

The latest updates brought to your PET has removed the cumbersome programs in the navicust and in it's place is a brand new buster modification program, which automatically sets your Buster as long as you have purchased the necessary upgrade modules. We hope this will enhance your life as a netbattler further. Thank you and have a nice day!

"... is what it says. And you installed it on yourself without my consent?"
"You were snoring away the whole day. I'd be waiting until the moon crashes on earth by then."

Tsujsa grumbled at Validus. The navi merely stuck his tongue out in a cheeky fashion. "Well, with the update, I'm sure you're itching to go for a ride in the net?"

"Hell yes, let's do this. Let's go to Electown Net!"
"Fine. Activating transmission mode."
And she was home once more.

And she accidentally dropped her blanket.

Grumble grumble.

"... Ah, hey Tsujsa," she greeted her cousin suddenly when she saw him, traces of the grumbling gone from her features. Then Camillia realized that he wasn't entirely paying attention... Most probably surfing Cyberspace again. Well, all the better. She had her own issues to handle.

"C'mon Rhea. We'll use the port on the dining table," she said, shifting herself to the small, round furniture. Placing her PET on it, she took the cable and plugged it in.
"Transfer complete." Validus said as he popped up on the PET screen. Tsujsa merely nodded.

"Hey, Validus. There seems to be some new stock in the SciLabs store. What do you think about getting some upgrades?"

The navi shrugged. "I don't mind, as long as it doesn't affect me badly."

[[Moving to Scilabs]]
"Ah, it's great to be back home..."


"Captain, you have mail."

Tsujsa pulled out his PET and looked at the e-mail icon. It was colored, meaning there certainly was a message. He opened it and scanned through the letter.

Quote (Global Network Administrator)

Good day, Mr. Reise. We apologize for the late reply, but it just happens that we have recently received a request from an eccentric business man. He requests that you meet him somewhere, but the only direction he gave was this strange poem he wrote.

Gritty sand and hot sun,
So many pickpockets that I'd bring a gun,
Smokin' chicks and breeze a-rollin',
C'mon over, I'll be waitin',
That dude with the yellow threads,
Sippin' whiskey to no ends!

His request also stated a large cash reward for those who accept this request. We believe that this job may be suitable for your needs. Reply immediately if you are to accept.

"Another job?"
"Yeah, I figured we could use the extra cash. Besides, we have an extra guest in the house already, remember?"

Tsujsa glanced over at Camillia, who was busy herself on operating Rhea for a mission of some sort. "Of course, captain... plug me in."

"Roger that. I'll send a reply that we'll accept the mission" Tsujsa said as he prepared the PET for transmission.
"Aaand we're back. What a disappointment... I was expecting action too..." Validus said with a sigh. Tsujsa ignored Validus's bellyaching and looked at the list of items.

Quote (list of items)

- Antiquated Navi Customizer Part
- Sample of Lava-Base Soil
- X-Zenny Poker Chip
- Arid Desert Rose
- Hundred-Year-Old Hot Spring-Boiled Egg

"Now... where do we start first..."
"I THINK we can find an antiquated Navi Customizer Part in Scilabs..."
"Sounds better than finding nothing." Tsujsa said as he scratched his head. "Let's go then."

[[Moving to Scilabs]]
Camillia stretched backwards in her seat, grateful that the high speed chase was over and done with. When she turned to look at Tsujsa busy with his own netsurfing, she just twitched slightly and looked to Rhea. "Well, at least the mission was fun for you, right?"

"Did you not derive enjoyment from it?" Rhea responded, and Camillia was taken aback slightly. It would seem that Rhea was really into this busting business, now that they had tried out a few runs-- while it may not be a bad thing, seeing her navigator so responsive like that, but the redhead wasn't entirely sure if she herself would enjoy it.

"Uh.. It was fun!" she said to the PET with a rather delightful-looking smile, then cracked her fingers. "I'll just refresh myself for a while, then we'll go on another busting trip, okay?" laughing nervously, she scooted herself out of the dining table and carted herself to the bathroom. Rhea looked at the operator go, keeping her silence and patience as she waited for her to return.

And when she did, Camillia returned with biscuits and a bottle of water. "So, anywhere you want to go?" "No, you should rest-- We shall try another time," Rhea responded promptly, which then lead to a brief silence.

"W-well... What's important is that Rhea's enjoying it!" Camillia urged again, the redhead surprisingly persistent. Rhea knew that she was merely coming up with a forced front-- the wheelchaired operator did not like surfing through the cyberspace, as it reminded her too much of her own, forever unfulfilled wanderlust. "It is alright. I can handle myself and explore the NetSquare. Keep the dry rations for another time, Camillia."

"Eh? But-" "I am off." "Ah... ... Okay... then..." the redhead said, then sighing as she stared at Rhea departing towards Internet City's Netsquare on her own.

... Didn't take her long to fall asleep in her wheelchair, however.
Tsujsa came back home with all his clothes wet. He wore a scowling face as he pulled his shoes off and threw it to a corner, landing with a squishy thud. "I TOLD you to get back the minute I saw some gray clouds but nooooo- You were confident that it wasn't going to rain." Validus mocked.

Tsujsa ignored the remark. HE grabbed a towel at the rack near the toilet and wiped his head and hair dry, and then proceeded to the closet for a fresh change of clothes.

Of course, whenever he changed his clothes, he always had to change the bandages too. He carefully unwrapped the bandages and it slowly revealed the arms which he always kept hidden from people. It was a disturbingly red sigh dotted with rashes on it. It didn't itch, nor did it actually hurt, but it had left his arm weak. If he had tried to lug around something heavy, he would feel his arms almost tearing off immediately. It became fragile.

"It's already been years, hasn't it?" Validus commented as the PET rested itself on a stand. Tsujsa didn't look at him. "Yeah... it's funny though. I've forgotten about it ever since my cousin arrived over."

"Familial bond hides scars?" Validus said with a smirk on his face. The operator shot back an unamused glance. The navi didn't get the message at first, but then understood immediately when he say Tsujsa placed a hand over his knee. "Oh. Right. sorry."

"But you are right. I've seen her more cheerful and active these days compared to the day when she lost her legs." Tsujsa said with a chuckle and reared his head up into the sky. "So I guess netbattling really can take your mind off things." He added.

"Speaking of netbattling sir, didn't we purchase a few upgrades the other day?"
"Oh right. Let's test them out." Tsujsa said as he pulled out the Navi's transmission antennae. "Let's go."

"I'm gonna go out awhile, Rhea. Take care of yourself while you're at it-- I'll be back quick," Camillia said, backwheeling out of the dining table. She turned the chair to grab at her keys and wallet, knowing where she was going next. Rhea's performance could be increased with the help of a few upgrades, and Camillia proceeded to the door, her eyes catching her cousin, before wheeling out.

[To SciLabs]
A soft click of the door and Camillia was through, silently carting herself past her cousin and back to her PET. She hoped Rhea wasn't in much trouble since she left...

[[Back to: NetVegas.]]
[ From [url=http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNetwork/index.php?showtopic=6527]NetVegas[/url] ]

"Take a break, Rhea. I'm going out for more goodies," Camillia reassured, which Rhea just nodded to-- too tired to speak. Once again sneaking past her cousin, she wheeled herself into the open once more.

[[From: SciLabs shop]]

Camillia carted herself back into the cozy apartment, still not believing that she was in ACDC, staying over with a cousin. The accident, the moment her old self had left her, the day when she had tried so many times to end her despairing life seemed so far away. She shook her head, throwing it out of her mind. There was no point struggling with the past... Just. No.

As she debated with herself with thoughts disturbing only to her, she went into the kitchen to grab a bite. There were only snacks, and light meals. They were generally of unhealthy nature, but Camillia was quick to realize that she did not really care.

Grabbing a packet of chips, she moved single-handedly back to where she had left her PET. She realized that Rhea was actually awake. "... Where did you go?" Rhea muttered, slightly sleepy in tone. "H-hey Rhea. You're up? Uh, I did say I was going to the shop, right?" Camillia replied, smiling slightly. Rhea's gaze lowered to avoid her gaze.

"Well, I really don't mind if you want to go for another busting!" she chirped, and Rhea's face immediately went back to scrutinize her Operator. "If you wish," Rhea responded, and she felt herself being transferred into the familiar realms of the Net once more.

"Eh... Crud, we don't have enough," Camillia said, after a long pause from looking at their zenny figure. "I guess we should continue," she added, and Rhea merely nodded at the request.

"Aand that should be enough, I guess," Camillia muttered, once again heading for the shops for a restock for the mission.

It would be her first major mission, and she can't wait for it to happen. Somewhat.

[[To SciLabs shops]]