The Journey Begins

A young man gets off the bus, only to see a rather dull, looking town. the same old white clouds in the sky that seem to follow him everywhere he goes. An average...boring looking neighborhood, where only every couple of houses has a dog house in the yard. He then notices one house that is slightly different from the rest. Is is a rather large, 3 story building with white trim going around the sides and from what he can tell, the building is reflecting the sun's beautiful golden rays of light off of it, giving it a rather distinct and beautiful look to it. As he gets closer he notices a small crack going down the gutter on the left side of the house...

[color=blue]"Well Skyline...I think we found it." [color=red]"Yea I'd hope so, I'm getting rather impatient." [color=blue]"Yea, I am too, so he said to find his house in ACDC and jack into the net from it, in order to start figuring out who was responsible, right?" [color=red]"Yep, that's what he said alright...well let's get on with it," responded Skyline to Justice, his most trusted friend, and operator.

A bystander begins giving the new guy suspicious looks, perhaps it is because of what he is wearing. Although it can't be so odd. He is rather casual looking, wearing his usual dark blue, boot cut jeans on with horizontal faded lines going about halfway down each leg of the pants. About half way down the lines stop and a portion of each leg lightens up altogether and gradually gets darker until the bottom is the same color as the top. He has tan work boots on, that look worn from use, with scuffs and slightly rough looking swade. He is wearing what appears to be a green undershirt with a plain black hoodie, halfway zipped up, and around his neck you can the gleam of his metallic silver dog tags on the back of his neck where the shirt or hoodie do not cover. Justice enters the house being very careful making sure as to not set off an alarm.

[color=blue]"Hey Skyline, do you think that man was with the police, is so then he probably knows we aren't from around here and might be suspicious since we just entered a house that no one currently lives in." [color=red]"I sure hope not, but if he is, and he follows us in here, what are we going to tell him, we can't let him know why we are here, vengeance isn't exactly legal...well not the kind that we want," replies Skyline.exe. [color=blue]"Yea I know, just keep your display off so if he does enter than we won't be as visible as long as wek keep all the lights off." [color=red]"Roger that."

AS he first enters the building, it is a rather grim looking room that he is welcomed with. Odd pictured and articles are all over the walls, there are pictures of a black silhouette of some mystery man, that neither Justice nor Skyline recognize. They then proceed upstairs to find a rather dusty, old looking computer plugged into the wall.

[color=red]"Hey, don't ya think we should look around and try and find some clues before jacking in and aimlessly walking around the net, after all we aren't exactly sure what it is that we will be looking for once we jack in..." [color=blue]"Yea I agree, let's see what we can find..."[color=blue]
As Justice walks around the building trying to piece together the point of all of these mystery articles and pictures of this man, he hears something outside that puts him on edge...

"Skyline, did you hear that?" "Unfortunately, yea I heard it too, ya think its that shady man we saw earlier," replied Skyline. "Yea well only one way to find out." Justice said in a whisper to the PET.

He creeped over to the window and gently peered through the rather pale, dusty blinds and examined his outside surroundings closely. "I don't see anything yet, Skyline have you heard anything else since the original banging sounds coming from outside?" "Nope, its been pretty quiet since that...weird, well hey if you don't see anything than how about we go jack in. we won't be able to find anything in this dark house at night time." replies the Navi from his PET. "Very well."

He walks up to the computer, sits down and tries to find a freaking port to jack into the net from..."Stupid old computers, its gotta be around here somewhere...ahah this looks like. Why is it underneath the keyboard." "Don't ask me, I didn't design the stupid thing," replied Skyline.

Skyline.exe Jacking in NOW!

A beam shoots from the PET into the jack on the keyboard.

"Well, let's see what we can find," Justice whispered to himself.