New arival.

Kage stepped off the bus he had been on. The little robotic fox that housed, and was controlled by Kyuubi following right after. Kage looked around to get his bearings while Kyuubis bot shook it's self. A minute latter The two entered the town, though it didn't take too long for the two to draw atention to themselves.
"Ouch! What the heck Kyuubi?" Kage demanded as he glared down at the Robot that has been nipping him.
"I'm bored!" Kyuubi responded
"And that gives you permission to bite me?" Kage growled as he reached down and grabbing the robot, Bringing said robot up to eye level.
"yes." Kyuubi responded before nipping Kage on the nose.
"Gah!" Kage dropped Kyuubi as he started cursing in a foren language.
"Got yah." Kyuubi grinned as Kage shot another Glare.
The human took a quick look around spotting a terminal. "I've got something to ease your boredom." Kage grind as he held out a hand over the fox.
"Finaly you get the hint!" Kyuubi cried as he ejected the pet from the fox right into Kages hand.
"Jack in Kyuubi, transmission!" Kage cried as he sent Kyuubi into the net.
Kage put up his subchip as Kyuubi came back into existence in the PET, looking no worse for the the damage he had taken fighting the groups of viruses. The operator held the device out to the side and dropped it. In a second it landed safely and snugly inside the robotic fox at the humans side. Once locked into place. Kyuubi took control and promptly climbed up to curl at Kages neck. The Navi inside already working on repairing himself as Kage walked off, setting his cloak to cover his head, and proceeded to walk away, vanishing as he passed into a crowd. earning a few odd looks, but nothing more than that.