Somewhere in ACDC

There aren't too many people here, but there are enough to make catching faces hard, and to make it easy for an unintentional bump or two to pass. There's a restaurant or two, and one that offers Yumland cooking. It's a mom and pop type place, and the food is delicious. They also have their son performing a mild catering service that operates exclusively on the weekends.

But that's not what this is about.

It's about a soon to be customer.
Shigeru walked around the area, inhaling deeply as he took in the smell of the Yumlandian food. The email already deleted from his account, he just looked around and grabbed a to-go menu from the shop. He knew he'd be getting take out from there soon enough.
Shigeru barely managed to keep his face blank as he looked at the email. Swallowing, he sent a small message to Voltman and severed the connection.
"Hey, Shigeru, right? How's it going?" The man speaking in Shigeru's general direction had a buzzcut and was wearing a suit. He had been rather inconspicuous until this point, but he's got an ingratiating smile pasted across his face, and his 'surprise' upon seeing him looks almost certainly faked.

Who knows, though. Maybe he's somehow actually sincere? Either way, he's got a hand near his belt for some reason.
Shigeru looked around, after being addressed by the man. Hel...lo...? You wouldn't happen to have seen a decent take out menu for this restaurant, would you? Being addressed by a complete stranger. Could be a mafioso, could be a policeman... He saw the man's hand at his belt and suppressed the urge to run. He hadn't failed the mafia, so they had no reason to kill him, and the police couldn't shoot you... They could taze you, though. Shigeru cursed himself silently. Why did he have to think of things that made him even MORE nervous?
"Sorry, no luck there. I know a couple other nice places, though. They do make some good stuff if you know what to order, though. I suggest the tapioca." He shrugs noncommittally. "I'm not here for that. I'm here to ask you a few questions, do you have the time?" He pauses. "Unless you'd rather not chat about the fact that a navi strongly resembling yours was spotted in Netvegas under extremely questionable circumstances. I'm not talking about going through the porn archives, either."
Shigeru glanced at his PET as the man answered his question, a small beep signifying a new email momentarily diverting his attention from the newcomer. The newcomer was still talking, something about his recommendation for the restaurant...
He works for them
Shigeru blinked and sighed while his heartbeat sped up considerably. And then things got serious.
I wasn't even aware archives like that existed. Thought it was free floating, or in books or... Shigeru caught the look in the man's eye. Alright, admittedly this isn't the best time. For the archive discussion, that is. As opposed to not being the best time for questions and... He stopped again. You know, I'll just ignore the idea of some kind of vast porn storehouse in Netvegas net for the purpose of this conversation. And really, I'm fine to chat about it. He smiled, and then looked around the square again. I did come here for something other than conversation however, officer, or detective, or well dressed man with questions. Would you mind if I ordered while you asked? Shigeru walked towards the restaurant.
"Not at all." The man walks along with Shigeru. "Where is your navi at the moment? We'll need to speak with him as well, possibly bring him in for interrogation. You are both persons of interest in this particular case."
He's currently virus busting online. After installing a new attack program, I left him in Scilab net while I went to get food. Shigeru thanked the woman behind the counter and took his plate of fish. He checked his PET as he cut a slice off of the fish with the side of a cheap plastic fork, only to be met with a blank screen and a small bar displaying his chip folder.
Shigeru remained silent for a few moments, before looking at the man.
Is... is this about our fighting in the Great Net War? Another moment of silence. I mean, we didn't end up doing anything of note, but I know it was a big matter.
Suddenly, a massive crash sounded from behind the man questioning Shigeru, and he toppled forward. Taking advantage of the momentary confusion, Shigeru grabbed a fork and got out of there.

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