"Hey, when are we going to do something that ISN'T BORING?"

Miasmel groans in anger while Walyn is typing on a computer. "I'm almost done, then we can do... something. Whatever." Walyn types a few more things, then he becomes worried, then shocked.

"What just happened? PLEASE tell me it did not freeze up!"

"It died of boredom! It's a plague afflicting anything near YOU."

"Agh, alright. What do you want to do?"

"I want to kill something. Time, perhaps? A few viruses?"

"You've never fought viruses. You'll probably get the crap kicked out of y-"

"Whatever! You're just scared you'll screw up and put in something like a recovery chip when I'm at full health."

"I don't even HAVE recovery chips."

"You don't have RECOVERY chips? What, you want me to die a slow, painful death?"

"What? No! These are all I got, just some attack chips." Walyn sighs in frustration. "Whatever, computer's frozen, lost all that work, let's just go do something."

"About friggin time."

(Jacking into ACDC Net)