So long, toaster.

"We get to go out today, right? Like you said, right Russie?"

Riding on a bicycle, Russel changes directions and heads towards the park. During the day he's usually referred to as Professor Carter, but now it's "Russie." He had promised Maribel that she could go outside of the household today and had almost forgotten. He'd been thinking about letting her out for awhile, but wasn't too sure if she could actually deal the dangers of the network. She was a door prize after all. Though she had proven useful around the household, somethings never worked right since she had shown up.

"I don't remember ever lying to you. That's why we're going to the park. I think I can "jack in" there, at least that's what Destin said. Besides, I can catch up on some reading while you play around for a bit."

Park in sight, Russel speeds up a bit, changing gears as he goes. The rough clinking of the chain pulling into it's new position reminds that he needs to oil it soon.

"Yay~ No more appliances! Though I do miss fridgie...I can do without the toaster for the rest of time though. Hmph!"

Pulling to a stop next to a bench, Russel pokes around for a port to use. He spots one on the Public phone next to the bench and begins fiddling with his pet, trying to figure out how to jack in.

"Yes yes, no more toaster, at least till the end of the day. Are you sure you're going to be ok in there? If anything goes wrong, just give a shout. I'll be paying attention. I'll pull you out quick as I can...There's also these chip things that might help too if you need them."

"Who's Destin? That kid from your 104 class a few years ago, right? You showed me to him at first if I remember correctly."

"You're lagging behind in the conversation, Marry. And you're answering you're own questions."

Russel groans, looking down at the cheery face on his PET screen.

'She looks pretty satisfied with herself. Guess I can let her go,' he says to himself.

"Oh you'll be fine, just get out of here! Go! Play!"

A slight smirk appears across Marry's face as Russel sends her off into the parks network. A quiet "Ho ho ho" comes across as she finishes transferring. Russel takes a seat on the bench and begins reading.

[To ACDC Net]

[edited for colors I can see easier, damn color blindness]
As he mounts back up on his bike, Russel tries to call Destin to see if he has any advice. It rang until it hit voicemail. With a 'Guess he's busy,' he rode off back home, planning to take a trip to the SciLabs to pick up new things for his awkward little Navi.

[to Science Labs]