In search of... Stuff.

Dave picked up his backpack from the floor, and his wallet from his desk. He put his PET into his backpack, along with a sandwich.

"Sooo... How long 'till you're finished?"

"Hmmm... It's about a half hour walk to the chip shop. I'll probably spend another half hour or so there. I'll probably take the bus down to SciLab, see if there's anything you need that I can afford. After that, I should be finished, so I'll take the bus back here. I'll probably be back by late afternoon."

"Oh. All right, then."

Dave sighed, swung his backpack over his shoulder, and set out on his way.
Dave dumped his gear on his bed.

"Mmmkay I'm back. Give me three minutes and we'll get you jacked in."

Alright. What took you so long, anyways?

Dave sighed as he logged into his computer.

"I need new glasses. Alright, mate. You're good to go!"

Dave turned away from his laptop. Looking around, he quickly located his wallet, and a bus schedule.

"Alright. The next bus to SciLabs comes in... five minutes. I should hopefully be back within..." He paused, and did some quick mental calculations.

"Two hours. Shame I don't have time to make a sandwich."

Cry me a river and get over it.

"You shush."

Dave headed for the front door, hoping to make it to the bus stop on time.
"Whelp, I'm back."
You've barely been gone forty-five minutes!
"The bus system is really fast."

"In any case, what now?"

What say we jack into the netsquare? Do some stuff?

"Right, I'll get right on that!"
Dave chuckled to himself, and put his guitar away. Unsure of what to do next, he contemplated his options.

Twenty minutes later he returned to the contemplation with a sandwich in hand.

"Well, what?" Tranum sounded slightly more irritable that usual.

"What now?"

"Do we have enough for any new chips? I am fond of new chips."

"Hmm... Let me think for a minute" Dave paused, mulling over the question in his head. "I do believe that our current funds would be more than sufficient to purchase a sword chip- possibly two."

"I do believe that is an awesome idea. I think we should go with that."

"As do I. Might as well get to it, I suppose." Dave quickly consulted his bus schedule. "Right, well, I've got a few minutes." That being said, he finished off his sandwich, grabbed his backpack, PET, and headed for the door.
"Hey, Tranum! I got the chips and an HP upgrade. What say we try them out?"

"Sounds like a good plan to me!"

Dave nodded. "I thought it would." He started his computer, fiddling absentmindedly with his guitar as he waited for it to load. Soon enough, the computer finished booting up, and Dave jacked in.
Dave shut down his laptop frantically, Tranum looking on in an entirely unimpressed fashion.

"So, what was the point of that, then?"[b][/b]

Dave's reply was hurried. "I have to go to the bathroom so bad right now you have no idea."

"That... was more than I needed to know."[b][/b]

"Look, when I'm finished, we'll head over to the park, there may be something to do there."

"Eh, good enough."[b][/b]

Dave stomped back into his house, slamming the door behind him. He stared dismally at the spreading puddle of water that was dripping off of him.

Well, that went well.

"Shut up, you!" Dave shook his head, spraying water everywhere. "It's not my fault I didn't see his bike!"

Well, yeah, it kinda is, but that's not the point. Tranum paused. Although, have to admit, that was pretty funny.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want." Dave sighed. "Anyways, what say we go busting? Somewhere other than ACDC?"

What, like Electown? Sure, sounds good!

"Right! Give me a minute to dry myself off, and we'll get going!"

Sounds like a plan to me!