Home, bittersweet home

As he emerged from the dark underground of the acdc metro line station, instead of the usual dazzling sights of his home town he had grown to love and expect, John Mcgee was greeted by a cold wave of air, unforgiving harsh as it tingled the stubble around his mouth. Turning to face the apartment blocks he called home, the man should have been filled with a sense of warming, he hadn't been back for many months, instead the only things he could notice was the overriding grey wash that seemed to envelope everything he surveyed, "Heh...", John remarked as he felt a great sense of disappointment wash over him, disappointment with his work, disappointment with his life, disappointment with himself.

Turning the key in the lock to his door, John's senses were immediately assaulted by the stale air that rushed to escape from his home. After he had opened a few curtains and windows, along with a considerable spraying of air freshener, the man slumped into his large sofa, noting the way that the sense of darkness and regret still clung to everything in the room, despite all the attempts he had made to air out the place up.

Powering up a rather large laptop, John hefted up a pile of cables that upon closer inspection, was revealed to be his own Pet. After a long load up sequence, the device finally initialized, showing a small image of a navi, "W-W-Where am I-I-I-I....", Gadgetman attempted to ask, his vocal programs still a bit jittery, "Looks like it still may take a while for you to get used to the new additions", John told the navi as he examined a diagnostic of the navi, he quickly took a sip from a hipflask before continuing, "Maybe we can speed things up a bit...", a second later after he had found the correct cable within the jumbled mess, John jacked his navi into the local internet.

[Jack In]
[Jack out]

As soon as Gadgetman had returned to the PeT, John climbed from his position of relative comfortability in the grove etched into his sofa and made his way to his bedroom, leaving the laptop and Gadgetman behind, he simply mumbled an un-caring, "Night", before he disappeared into the folds of his duvet.

The sun had already climbed high into the sky before John was finally awoken from his slumber; his phone rang repeatedly and try as he might, no matter how many times he tried to ignore it, whoever it was were persistent to say the least. Rolling out of bed, John donned his usual attire before going over too and proceeding to pick up the phone, although to his dismay, it was his old boss, reminding him to collect his things and after a few select strong words, John made sure he we would never work there again.

Walking back to his room with the same sullen look he had donned since his dismissal, John was interrupted by the chirpy tones of Gadgetman, "John! Look at this, a forum in which we can meet other like minded net battlers!", John merely sighed at the remark and jokingly replied,

"Go on then, let's go on a busting run!", a high amount of sarcasm lacing the words as he spoke them, although Gadgetman did not see it this way, he instead simply replied,

"Ok", but before John could correct the navi, he had already replied to the advertisement of another poster.
"Arghh...", the man exclaimed as he fell backwards onto his sofa, his hand planted firmly on his brow, he should have known not to risk teasing the navi with sarcasm and this was the retribution. Gripping the PeT with both hands and shaking it violently, John shouted, "Do you seriously have no idea of sarcasm!?",

"I, er... That was sarcasm? So you didn't want me to arrange a meet up at 3 o'clock?", the navi replied bashfully,

"3 o'clock!?", John shouted in surprise, "Ok, at least tell me you didn't do something stupid like give them my home address",

"Oh, of course not, I'm not that stupid, he he he...", Gadgetman replied,

"Ah at least your not completely useless, I can just avoid the dude, he he he", John said in relief, even joining in with the navi's laugh, although this sense of alleviation was short lived,

"... There's only one problem with that plan John..."

"Oh, what's that?",

"I kind of sent a recent photo of you to them...", this statement was met with silence by the man, who was by now, not surprised by the navi's actions, he instead began to assemble his attire of the worn out lab coat and his beige cargo pants, he then grabbed the PeT. Pausing for a second halfway out the door, John asked,

"Did you send him that one of me at work?", the lack of an answer from the navi was a clear enough reply, he then made his way to the agreed upon spot.