In the back of a family owned toy store...

It wasn't until late afternoon when Art finally ended his "shift" at the Great Bear Factory. Muggy and sweaty, he sleepwalked groggily through the door to his room, peeling the head off the bear suit as he let out a sigh of relief. Tossing the mask aside, he slouched into his chair as he peered at his laptop screen.


Another day of living in ACDC. He had moved in last week, to help with the opening of this new shop, but this little suburb lacked any real life to it--fighting a yawn, he proceeded to load his music. At least, that was his plan, before his computer froze up.

"Kuma, the computer's dead again." He grumbled to his PET, as he began sluggishly linking up the PET's cable to the laptop's input jack. "Go fix it."

The next yawn wasn't as easy to dismiss. As Arkuma gleefully bounced into the laptop, Art set the giant teddy bear beside the PET and promptly fell asleep at his desk.
"Son of a..." Art cradled his head, as he staggered up from the floor. Glowering at the robot toy that he had added as a whim, he turned to the PET and pulled up the bird's-eye cam.

There was his bear, standing and roaring against... A single Metool? Really?

Computers these days... he really needed to upgrade. Art sighed in disgust. Metools. Really.

Might as well finish this--grabbing the Cannon chip, he slid it gently into the PET before going to take a much-needed shower.
Back from his shower, Art loaded up his music and crooned contently, his headphones clutched to his head. Looking around to throw a word of thanks to Arkuma, he found his Navi not in the PET.

"Status." He commanded his PET, and a small screen pulled up showing Arkuma's current location, somewhere in the first level of the local ACDC network. Zooming in to the bird's-eye cam, Art found the Navi squaring off against four viruses this time. "This might actually be fun," Art surmised, as he checked the status of the four viruses.

Ooooooh. Two of them were even fire-element, meaning that they might have chips particularly attuned to Arkuma. Looking at the PET, Art grinned at his discovery--a new chip poked out of the extractor, featuring the Metool he had saw Arkuma take down earlier.

Grabbing his folder of chips, Art sat down and wrung his hands out.

It's time to get serious.
"'Kuma," Art stammered as he watched the Navi go bear-shit crazy on the last virus, "'Kuma... 'KUMA!" Facepalming himself, he gave up on trying to reach his berserking Navi. There goes a perfectly good battlechip...