Strolling Through the Park

After a few minutes of walking, Chris eventually reached the metal arch reading "ACDC Park".
"So, what is it that you wanted to do here, exactly?" Nitro asked from Chris's PET.
Chris pulled the device out of his pocket. "Not much, really." Chris replied. "I kinda just wanted to walk around, clear my head, not have worry about you getting yourself deleted."
"Oh, ha ha." Nitro said sarcasticly. "I'm gonna take a nap or something, wake me up if something interesting happens." The screen then went black, and the words "Sleep Mode" faded in and out.
"Will do," Chris said, though his words went unheeded by his Navi. Chris replaced the PET in his pocket, then began walking along the path before him, moving at a somewhat slower pace.
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After about a half hour of walking and thinking, Chris decided that he'd had his fill of the outdoors for one day. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out his PET. He pushed a button, taking the device out of sleep mode and waking up his Navi.
"Huh? Wuzgoinon?" Nitro said, still half asleep.
"I'm done here, I'm gonna go home now," Chris replied. "I've been thinking, too."
"Ooh, That's quite the mighty feat for you," Nitro joked. "Do tell."
"You remember a while ago, how I made that one BBS post regarding the NetPolice and NetMafia?"
"Oh yeah, you said that people should figure out where their allegiances lie, then made up some BS about not wanting to share where yours was, to cover up the fact that you were running your mouth."
"Right, that," Chris said, his face going a little pink. "I was thinking that we should go back up our words and actually join a side, and stop being hypocrites."
"Our words? Hypocrites? I'm pretty sure that I never said a thing on that post, so really, the only hypocrite here is you. However, this seems like a marvelous opportunity to go blow things up, so, lead the way, Oh Fearless Leader!"
"I told you to stop calling me that!" Chris walked through the wrought-iron arch of the Park's entrance, and proceeded down the street to his home, off to make a decision that would no doubt set both him and his Navi's destinies in stone.